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One platform to power your visual collaboration.

Trusted by thousands of teams worldwide to work with their clients & team – Atarim cuts turnaround times for creative projects from weeks to days. Work together without the chaos. Get on the same page, centralize your workflow, and get to work.

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Seize control, enhance collaboration, and streamline workflows – the essential foundation for freelancers and small agencies.
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Visual Collaboration

Creative collaboration requires visual communication.

Ditch the guesswork and endless back-and-forth emails for a single central hub. Let people drop comments on your creative work any time by pointing and clicking so you never have to chase them up or clarify what they meant. 

Shared Inbox

The unified inbox built for creative teams.

Log in to your team’s shared inbox and see all client emails assigned to the right website, with each email associated with a task.

Project Management

Visual-first project management

Manage your project more effectively, save hours every single week, and stay organized with the most innovative project management platform out there (Or integrate with yours). 

Forms & Project Intake

Forms & Project Intake for New Work

Get all the information you need before making a start on a new project and make sure your team has access to it from day 1. All in one place.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Built For Creative Work

Use time tracking to your advantage by calculating your team’s hourly rate, create better time estimates, and maximize profitability. 

Team Management

Team management that enables easy collaboration.

With Atarim, adding a team member to your company’s central hub actually makes it easy for them to get up & running, familiarize themselves with how you work, and get to work in no-time.

Workflow & Integrations

Seamless integrations with all your favorite software.

Augment your workflow by connecting flows internally using our automation tool or externally with native 2-way integrations to project management systems and other tools within your stack.

BONUS CONTENT: All-Access Video Streaming Channel for Web Agencies

Exclusive access to a new video streaming service that’s focused entirely on regularly delivering fresh, new, high-quality content by industry experts for agency owners, designers, developers & beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Atarim is the leading visual collaboration platform trusted by thousands of teams worldwide (web dev/design agencies and beyond) to completely overhaul how they work with their clients & team – including cutting delivery times by over 330%. 

Yes, Atarim is completely free to get started. Perfect for smaller operations and freelancers. Beyond this, we offer paid subscriptions that introduce additional functionality, enhanced team management and more – perfect for businesses with internal and external collaborators. 

Yes! We’re a collaboration & support platform, so – as you’d expect – we take our support very seriously.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest mentions in our customer reviews.

Yes. You can either add any URL to get started with any website or install the WordPress plugin to get deep integration into WordPress sites.

We accept all major credit cards & debit cards.

All payments are processed securely through Stripe.

Imagine for a minute what could become a reality if every single project you deliver was done on time...

Increased Profitability

Keep more of your profits on each project by ensuring that you complete them as fast as possible while still retaining quality

Eliminate Scope Creep

Projects can take up to a year to complete because of scope creep. Get rid of this for good so you can move onto the next

Decrease Stress & Mess

No more 12 hour work days, weekends away from your family and hating your work life

Increased Client Referrals

The faster you finish a project, the faster you get a referral from your client, creating a snowball effect of new work

Controllable Schedule

Make every project predictable, enabling you to have a controlled schedule. Making your day-to-day easier

Recurring Revenue Boost

Earn more predictable income on a monthly basis with an agency that runs without you

Ditch the endless email ping pong and start collaborating on your creative projects.

Your team deserves more than spending hours decoding messy screenshots and in endless, repetitive email threads. Start delivering your best work faster.