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WP FeedBack 1-Year Anniversary – Introducing Search, UI Improvements & More

It’s been just over a year since WP FeedBack first launched! Today, we have some exciting updates to announce but we’d also like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported us and we’ve been able to help with our software since the launch of WP FeedBack PRO.

New Icon Design & Removal of Font Awesome Script

We’re excited to be able to announce that we have changed our icon design entirely and no longer make use of Font Awesome scripts. This will deal with some common conflicts that were caused by Font Awesome as well as result in some significant performance improvements!

[we do not have an image for this section – also is this worth an entire section? Or should it just be a bullet point in the “Other dashboard improvements section” – Alex]

Improved Kanban Board Design

In addition to performance improvements and removing any reliance on Font Awesome, we’ve also revamped the Kanban Board view in your WP FeedBack centralized dashboard.

As you’ve likely already noticed in the image above – here are the most notable changes:

  • Columns are now the same height as the active tasks
  • We’ve added a shadow to cards to help distinguish them from the background
  • We’ve made moving tasks between columns far more intuitive
  • We’ve adjusted the color scheme to suit the new task center (more on that later…)

Better User Management

The design of the user management areas of the centralized dashboard has also been improved. We’ve made everything more subtle and removed the background on the activity stream so you can focus on the details and see what people have been up to…

Task Center Improvements

In the task center of your centralized dashboard, we’ve improved the user interface to help streamline your workflow when managing a growing number of websites and tasks…

The most significant changes to your task center are:

  • All areas where there are columns now present are all the same width for consistency.
  • The upload file button has a different color and is more rounded.
  • Chat bubbles are more round
  • The sidebar’s design has changed and it now also offers a whole range of additional functionality such as filters, automatic reports, a dashboard button, the ability to add general tasks, and a back-end filter…
  • We’ve lightened the color scheme entirely to make it easier & nicer to look at.
  • The auto-screenshot feature is now visible in the centralized dashboard.
  • Settings screens have been completely overhauled

But that’s not it – here’s how far the task center in the WordPress admin area of your individual client websites has come:


And for context, here’s just how far the new task request tooltip has come over the past year…

Other Dashboard Improvements

Across the rest of the dashboard a number of other improvements have been, including:

  • Featured images are now easier to see (less harsh overlay)
  • We’ve added a hover effect to each website
  • We’ve removed the bold fonts from the navigation to make the text easier to read.
  • And we’ve added a search function to make it easier to find tasks than. before (we really hope the power users will love this one)

Conclusion: 1 Year Behind Us & Looking Ahead

I highly recommend watching the video above, it does the best job of truly conveying how incredibly grateful we are as a team, but here are some highlights of what we’ve been able to achieve over the last year:

  • WP FeedBack is now active on over 8,600 websites
  • We are a remote team of 9 people from all over the world
  • We hosted our first online summit with over 107,000 unique viewers
  • We released a total of 69 new features (based on your requests) across 31 individual update releases
  • And we pushed a whopping 157 bug fixes to increase WP FeedBack’s performance & stability

Here’s to another great year ahead everyone! ?

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