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WP FeedBack – Automated screenshot rework & search function

This is quite an exciting update for us! ?

It’s been a two weeks since we launched our new platform and we are super pumped, if you haven’t signed up yet, all you need to do is put your email in the field at the top of our homepage and you’re ready to rock!

We’ve been working on many different things since the start of the year and we knew it was time to give our PRO plugin some love, so we’ve included a few juicy features in this latest update.

Automated screenshot rework

A screenshot being automatically taken in a task when it’s created was a feature that was added near the end of last year. Before this latest update, the automated screenshot was part of the chat the same way a comment is.

When a task started filling up with comment, the screenshot would be pushed to the top meaning you had to scroll up if you’d like to have a look at the original screenshot. We have completely changed the way this works:

The task center & dashboard

We have now separated the automated screenshot into it’s own tab when looking at task in the Task Center. This makes it much easier to view where on the website a task is discussing, now you don’t have to open the task on the front-end to get a clearer overview of why a task was created.

The front-end

Now instead of it being at the top of the comment box, it has been added into the screenshot tab instead. This way you can keep the automated screenshot at the top of the task box if you please, making it much easier to view what was being shown when the task was created.

Search based on keywords

This is a feature that we’ve been working on the past couple of weeks to make sure it works very smoothly.

You can now search for tasks based on keywords. What this means it that if you search for a phrase like “Yellow Color” for example, 1st priority is given to tasks that contain the whole phrase. 2nd priority is given to tasks which have either “Yellow” or “Color”. This is ensure that you don’t have to be absolutely precise to find what you’re looking for, but if you know exactly what you need, it will be right at the top!

Update Overview

New Features

  • Search (based on keyword) feature
    • This works based off of keyword. For example, if you search for “Yellow Color”: the tasks with “Yellow Color” in the title will show first and the next will have either “Yellow” or “Color” in the title.
  •  Reworked how the automated screenshot works
    • Front-end:
      • On the front-end, when you go to the screenshot tab you will now see the automated screenshot.
      • It now stays at the top of the chat window, making it easier to see even if their are 100 comments.
    • PRO plugin task centre:
      • There is now a tab in the task window to show you the automated screenshot.
      • You can easily switch between the chat window and the screenshot, making it much easier to see in the back-end what is being spoken about.
    • PRO Dashboard:
      • This works in exactly the same way as the PRO task centre.
  • Delete items in the Graphic FeedBack tool
    • You can now delete items by simply hovering over the thumbnail in the Graphic FeedBack tool and clicking the trash icon.

Bug Fixes

  • A notice was displayed in the backend’s footer when plugin was active.
    • Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /wordpress/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1114
      was displayed when plugin was active on the site.
      This is now fixed.
  • Compatibility issue with “Oxygen Gutenberg” plugin.
    • A huge WP FeedBack logo was displayed as well as the frontends scripts were loaded in the backend when a post was edited.
      This is now resolved.
  • URLs for backend’s tasks were not sent properly in the notification emails.
    • Proper page’s links were not sent in the email notifications when tasks were generated from the backend.
      This is now resolved.
  • BuddyPress user role related issues on Multisite.
    • BuddyPress administrator was not able to access the task center on the backend. It was because of the conflict of the new user role introduced by buddypress.
      This is now resolved.
  • Compatibility issue with “HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor Page Builder”.
    • Issue with the conflict of bootstrap javascript code which was not allowing the tabs on the newly created tasks to be clicked.
      This is now resolved.
  • “SKIP WIZARD” on backend was taking user to domain.com/undefined.
    • Issue was related to the case been not handled in the code.
      This is now resolved.
  • CSS issues related to the “+” icon and buttons.
    • Background color or the “+” icon and buttons were becoming transparent.
      This is now resolved.
  • Removed the @import of Exo font from wpf-login.css


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