Record-Breaking 10,000+ Attendees at Web Agency Summit Breaking Glass Ceiling

We’re proud to announce that our annual Web Agency Summit surpassed the 10,000 attendee milestone this year.

Now in its fourth year, the summit originally started small.

We shared a bit more about the origin story and the roots of the summit (as a byproduct of COVID-19) here. When real events were canceled, as a sponsor relying on bringing Atarim (at the time, WP FeedBack) to market – we decided to step in to pick up where in-person events left off. In many ways, improving the experience for those that typically couldn’t travel to in-person conferences (and significantly reducing the carbon footprint).

Over the years, our summit became known for attracting the industry’s leading experts, thought leaders, and renowned organizations for valuable discussions and networking opportunities.

This year, we’re beyond excited to be able to share that we’ve crossed the 10,000 attendee milestone. This is in no way a small feat in the space, with most in-person events only totaling a few thousand attendees on average. In many ways, the Web Agency Summit has broken through a perceived glass ceiling in the WordPress, web development, and agency communities.

In this year’s edition of the Web Agency Summit, we were honored to welcome participants from a range of incredible companies, including Microsoft, Google, Yoast, HubSpot, Duda, Cloudfest, and many more.

“Reaching over 10,000+ attendees this year is a testament to the incredible value and insights offered at the Web Agency Summit but really even more so how the community came together”, said Vito Peleg (our CEO). “We are proud to connect industry leaders and innovators through our virtual platform, creating a unique and engaging experience for all participants.”

Our event’s virtual conference venue boasts an immersive and user-friendly environment, allowing attendees to navigate easily through various sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Screenshots only provide a glimpse into the interactive nature of the summit – “a Woodstock-esque theme” as a play on our founder’s roots in music.

In addition to the participation of notable companies, the Web Agency Summit has also received positive coverage in top-tier industry publications, including Search Engine Journal and WP Tavern.

“We are beyond grateful for the combined support of everyone involved – sponsors, media partners, speakers, and beyond.” – Vito Peleg.

Search Engine Journal was incredible in helping us, working directly with the team to turn around a campaign to drive a burst in registrations on incredibly short notice.

An exception to their standard processes and timelines we’re sure they’re happy to have made given the success of the virtual event that followed, of which they are now a part of the history. 

Prior to the event, we released the origin story behind what led to the inception of the first Web Agency Summit when in-person events were first canceled due to the pandemic in 2020. And ever since, the conference has grown year after year. As the summit continues to grow and evolve, we remain committed to providing a platform for meaningful discussions, education, and collaboration among industry professionals.

Thank you to everyone involved for another incredible summit this year. ❤️

I’m excited to meet more of you at other upcoming events we’ll be at, including:

  • YoastCon – where we’ll be present as a sponsor.
  • Nordic Domain Days – where I will be speaking, we’re sponsoring as well as hosting the VIP dinner. Coincidentally, this event is also run by a sponsor of this year’s summit, iQ Global.
  • WordCamp Europe – where we will be present as a sponsor (I’ll be there along with Pete, Disha, Dave, and Alex).

The Web Agency Summit would not have been possible without the support of over a dozen incredible sponsors. 

Each of these – in line with the theme of an interactive event – ran virtual booths where they interacted with the community, potential customers, and peers in the space. 

Catch The Replays Of Every Single Talk From This Year (As Well As Previous Years!)

Marking the end of this year’s virtual summit, you can now enjoy all of the talks from our incredible speakers with a backstage pass.

Grab your all-access pass here.

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