"I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails" 2

“I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails”

Welcome to our very first Case Study!

We asked a few of our awesome users questions to see how Atarim changed the way they work! We got some great answers and we will be sharing a new case study each week, it’s super valuable to find out how others are using our tool and we are pumped to be sharing it.

Thank you to everyone whose taken part so far, if you feel like you might be interested in answering our questions, join our Facebook group and let us know >> https://atarim.io/facebook

The Wizard

Let’s dive into Adrien’s case study, one of our most active users and a magician at finding bugs and reporting them to us 🙌

"I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails" 3

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business and how you ended up building sites for clients using WordPress

I studied IT, business & management at university and I chose to do web development as a freelance after all my graduations because it is so much fun (for me). There are always new technologies and new ways of doing websites.

I’m a geek & a techy guy and I seek to improve further and further, so I’m really careful about what I use.

⅓ of the websites worldwide are powered by WordPress so it’s not like I chose the wrong horse to work with 🙂

I liked the spirit of WordPress a lot and decided to focus on this ecosystem only. The community is awesome, there are plenty of talented teams and developers and working with them or using their plugins can ease the development pace.

As developers, we always say that it’s not necessary to reinvent the “wheel”. For example, you won’t develop from scratch a CMS (content management system) for your client when there is WordPress, right?

Use the right and powerful tools, improve them and focus on the specific needs for your clients. And then they will pay you for what value you bring on top of this.

Before Atarim

How did you use to talk to your clients before Atarim?

"I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails" 4

By email, phone, or sometimes SMS (depending on the clients).

I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails and I didn’t want to go deeper with these communications that I had with my clients. It was always back-and-forth with the clients, so much time wasted (for everyone)…

“We feel your pain from our agency days! How did you hear about us and what made you pull the trigger and come on board?

I’m quite active and present in a lot of Facebook Groups (WordPress & Web dev. related) and I started to see communications from a few people about Atarim.

I liked the idea and the presentation from Vito of his plugin, at this time I didn’t buy it because it was some money to consider and we are always busy every day. As always, I kept the link of the plugin in my active tab to reconsider it after some time.

What made me pull the trigger is when I realized the time my clients and I would gain by using this plugin. Also, the learning curve for non-techy clients is so easy it’s like 2/3 steps for them to provide feedback, that’s it.

I loved it so much, therefore, I bought the plan with unlimited licenses (even though it was not cheap to buy, but a great investment for the future of my business). There are so many new features and bug fixes each week, it was, indeed, a GREAT investment! I use it almost daily 😊

After Atarim

What has been your experience since starting to use the tool? Maybe even share a story about some client reactions?

The tool is young (because it was created a few months ago) but is so powerful already. I’m a perfectionist and I love using the superb tool (I can spend hours and hours of research to do my work the “good” way), so the fact that we can talk freely and ask for improvements or new features in Atarim’s Facebook Group is really what sold me too.

"I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails" 5

The team is super responsive and those guys are really great and lovely. I had few improvements to do for a client and it was the perfect timing to test Atarim.

I created a staging website and put the plugin in it and did a quick call to my client talking to him about the tool and he really enjoyed what I told him. It took me 5 minutes to explain to him as he was doing in the same time, on how to use the plugin.

And then it was instant feedback received from the client. Bingo, I’ve already saved a lot of time with this client and the ease of use of the plugin for my client was amazing.

What was funny is when I was on the staging site working, I often deactivated the WPF front-end so it doesn’t bother me (because I have no use while I develop on the website). And then after a day of work I forgot 2 times to reactivated WPF for the front-end, and I received calls from my client directly asking where the feedback tool was (It was like he missed the tool already and wanted to use it because it saved him so much time for him and was really quick to ask for things on the website).

Awesome! So what’s your vision for the future of your business?

I want to spend less time communicating the “wrong and inefficient way” with my clients and spend more time doing awesome things for my clients on their websites 😊

I’d rather spend my time improving the speed of the website, testing different technologies on my server, rather than doing the ping pong emails with clients (trying to understand what the hell they are asking for).

The new dashboard thing that is coming is really like the cherry on the cake and WPF was one of my best purchase in the WordPress ecosystem and in my “stack” of tools/plugins.

We are super pumped for the dashboard too! From your personal experience, what would you suggest to other freelancers and agency owners in the community? This could relate to Atarim, or not, up to you.”

Trying to be more efficient as possible. Life is short, don’t waste time doing things you don’t like or things you could do more efficiently.

Atarim is a tool you want to have in your WordPress toolbox.

"I didn’t have any system in place and it started to become annoying to deal with emails" 6

Thank you for answering our questions Adrien 👍. Tell us a little bit more about you and where people can find you.

I’m a web entrepreneur, my speciality is web development and I work to offer the best results for my clients. I want to spend my time on interesting projects so if you have one, you can message me on LinkedIn for example.


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