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“Atarim is a great example of a tool that cuts down on HOURS of back and forth between you and customers.”

In this case study we have a very special person who was kind enough to answer our questions: Chris Hughes, the founder of MintWP.

He’s been using WordPress for the past 15 years, so trust us when we say he knows his way around the platform like Gordon Ramsay knows his way around a kitchen.

Let’s dive in and see how he works and what he thinks about Atarim!

Providing 24/7 Support

We’re so pumped for you to answer these questions Chris. Please tell us a little bit about you and your business and how you ended up building sites for clients using WordPress

I’m Chris Hughes, I run a 24/7 WordPress Support and Maintenance company called mintWP – we look after all the technical bits of people’s websites whilst they get on with their business!

I started in the internet industry in 1997 with a hosting company that was acquired in 2002. Afterwards, I went into content publishing with a series of websites, earning over 7-figures in the process. I’ve been using WordPress since around 2005 – I can’t even tell you how different it is compared to now, but I wish it had all happened a lot sooner!

Over time I have helped and consulted with many Web Agencies offering white label WordPress development and technical help. 

One thing in common with all agencies was getting clients to give feedback in a manner that worked for both the client and us.

WordPress from 2005!

“It definitely has changed so much. How did you talk to your clients before Atarim?”

Anything from email to phone calls usually – some clients have even sent a WhatsApp in the past though – probably one of the more convoluted ways of giving feedback (especially when they attached images!)

WhatsApp can be a nightmare when client’s have your personal number. How did you hear about us and what made you pull the trigger and come on board?

I saw Vito suddenly appear across all my social channels (“A Vito has appeared in front of you” springs to mind :D) – this was a guy that was incredibly enthusiastic about his product and what he could do to help people gain back their time (and sanity!)

I dived right into their Founders plan after trying the demo on their site and highlighting sections by elements instead of pixels. An alarm went off in my head with ‘this is going to be PERFECT’ – I knew this was going to be one of my ‘top plugins’

Thank you for the kind words Chris! What has been your experience since starting to use the tool? Maybe even share a story about some client reactions?

Two of the plans we offer at MintWP include Unlimited Web Edits 24/7 – which means we’ll update your website content for you (sounds crazy, I know!) – but with the help of Atarim it means we just install the plugin on the client site, get them to document the bits they need changing and we can do it all swiftly and precisely. Other tools on the market were a steeper learning curve for our clients and they just didn’t ‘get it’ – but the Atarim UI is so clean that users love it!

One of our clients runs a small antique store based in Texas – his daughter set up his website for him and set up a WordPress Care Plan with us to make sure his site was not only kept secure and maintained – but also so we could update it for him when he gets new stock or has a sale. He told us he’s 82 and doesn’t have enough patience to learn all of ‘the WordPress’ – but Atarim meant he didn’t need to learn anything but click and fill in data for us to change!

Awesome! What’s your vision for the future of your business?

We love WordPress! Making sure everyone’s sites run at the optimal level that they should make us happy – whether that is to generate leads, sell products or showcase a company’s services. Atarim we hope to take on more customers that require any web edits – leaving agencies to get on with offering extra development services or creating new websites for other clients.

From your personal experience, what would you suggest to other freelancers and agency owners in the community? This could relate to Atarim, or not, up to you.

Simple – listen to your customers. Don’t make it hard work for them. Every barrier you put up is something that puts them off wanting to work with you now or in the future. Make it easy, they’ll come back.

Atarim is a great example of a tool that cuts down on HOURS of back and forth between you and customers. Get it, install it and test it with family or someone who doesn’t know WordPress inside-out – you’ll be surprised at how quick they pick it up!

Where you can find MintWP & Chris Hughes

I’m Chris Hughes – born a true Northerner (Leeds) but residing in Nottingham at present! My team and I absolutely love helping people with WordPress – get in touch with us if you need any technical help or need advice on what plugin to use!

Twitter: @askmintWP

Website: https://mintwp.com

It was great doing this case study with Chris, Atarim has made a huge difference to his business and we know it can for you too, what are you waiting for?!

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