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“I think a lot of agency owners and freelancers can relate to phone calls, emails and text messages, any hour of the day”

This week we have a great agency that focuses on white labeling for marketers. Oliver (the Founder) was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions and we are so happy we get to share it with you

Let’s dive in!

Please tell us a little bit about you and your business and how you ended up building sites for clients using WordPress

Hi, my name is Oliver Martin of NO LABEL Studios. I’ve been designing and developing WordPress websites since 2010 originally for small business owners in the Sout-East of the United Kingdom.

Since March, 2019 my team have heavily focused on providing a white label service for overburdened marketers struggling to deliver creative and technically demanding websites to their clients.

That’s where we are today and it rocks!

“How did you use to talk to your clients before Atarim?”

I think a lot of agency owners and freelancers can relate to phone calls, emails and text messages, any hour of the day. We got fed up of this and instead switched to tools such as Content Snare, Project Huddle and of late primarily using Atarim.

Being constantly reachable by clients can really get tiring! How did you hear about us and what made you pull the trigger and come on board?

I’m involved in a lot of the WordPress focused web communities on Facebook and I also attended Agency Transformation Live 2019, where Vito and I first met and got talking. Vito kindly showed me the tool and I was instantly sold on the idea. Sadly, I had to wait until he launched it like everyone else. He wouldn’t take my credit card!

Another reason why I invested in Atarim becoming a founding member was due to how Atarim could replace 2 tools and serve as a 3rd in one simple solution.

The two tools I’m referring to are Content Snare and Project Huddle. I’ve previously used and enjoyed both to either collect content or gather feedback on designs.

However, I realised at Agency Transformation Live that Atarim could be a single solution that allowed me to collect content, receive sign-off on designs and support my white label partners beyond the launch of their clients’ website.

That’s awesome to hear Oliver! What has been your experience since starting to use the tool? Maybe even share a story about some client reactions?

Direct clients who have very limited to no technical experience will always find using an online tool difficult. During a web project, a client of mine expressed frustration and confusion when using Atarim. After much hand-holding they wanted to revert back to emails and sadly the project was cancelled by our team.

This certainly wasn’t an Atarim issue at all, the client just simply didn’t want to respect our processes and we had to let them go.

On the flip-side when we use Atarim with our white label partners they love the simplicity of visiting their clients’ development URL, clicking the commenting switch and leaving feedback.

I strongly believe that Atarimhas streamlined how we collect feedback and final approval from our clients. Our starter site has Atarim installed and ready to go every time we deploy a new WordPress application.

We’ve heard this from so many users, we’re so happy it’s working out for you. What’s your vision for the future of your business?

Our priority is to establish more partnerships with marketing professionals and agencies so we can help them create better websites for their clients. We exist to serve agency owners and we take great pride in being able to make our partners look like rock stars.

Also, improving the service and refining our processes is a key focus right now. We are always keen to improve and take on feedback from our partners.

Sounds great. From your personal experience, what would you suggest to other freelancers and agency owners in the community? This could relate to Atarim, or not, up to you.

If I were to speak to someone who was in my position 6 to 12 months ago I’d tell them to focus on their processes and define how a typical project should go from A to Z.

This is something I struggled with and just winged for years. Although nothing bad ever happened I feel like I should have had even a basic checklist of things to guide me and ensure I could deliver the same high quality results every time.

Oliver’s Bio and where you can find NO LABEL

Oliver is a website designer with nearly 10 years of experience in the industry. He loves to help marketing professionals deliver amazing websites through collaboration. He has real respect for the skills both sides bring to the partnership and believes that working together enables the end client to get the best results possible.

Checkout his website here >> https://nolabelstudios.co.uk

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