Atarim Spring Partnerships 2023

Hold onto your Hats – Partnership Palooza!

If you’ve been around Atarim for a while, you’ll know we’ve built some fantastic partnerships with wonderful businesses and products that complement Atarim well.

These include our deep partnerships with MainWP and, which you can read more about in the linked blog posts, and of course we also offer a range of useful integrations with popular products like Slack, Jira and Teamwork, as well as tools like Zapier and Pably.

Atarim Partners and Integrations
We have extended the functionality of Atarim by developing both partnerships and integrations

But recently we’ve been able to change the way that we approach our partnership planning, and that means something pretty exciting…

Firstly, our capability to develop integrations between Atarim and other products has increased tenfold as we have both grown our dev team and gained valuable experience – we can now build and test integrations significantly more quickly than in the past.

Secondly, and excuse our lack of modesty here, we have seen something of a sizeable leap in popularity as we’ve built up the Atarim reputation and user base!

But What Does This Mean?

Thanks to the functionality & reliability of our app and WordPress plugin, and the reputation Atarim and our Founders have in the Agency and WordPress spaces, we currently have more than a dozen fantastic companies quite literally queueing up to partner with us and develop deep integrations…

Yep, sometimes we need to pinch ourselves!

These partnerships are going to bring significant productivity benefits to both our users and those of our partners, so we’ve decided to release them as quickly as possible.

It’s like getting presents at Christmas – no-one wants to wait until New Years to open the second half of their sack!

Therefore we can confirm that, beginning this week, we will have an unprecedented period of product announcements coming up, where we’ll be announcing new partnerships at a rate that might just blow your mind…

Let’s do this!

Partners for Optimization & Added Value

The dashboard, showing Atarim collaboration functionality

Whilst acknowledging this increase in the speed with which we can launch new partnerships, it’s important to note that we aren’t interested in vanity arrangements – simply sharing mutual links and glowing reviews to our followers. This has no value for the users of either product and, frankly, we don’t see the point.

Atarim is all about helping agencies and teams optimize their workflows and facilitate improved client & team collaboration, so any partnerships or product integrations must reflect those objectives.

When holding discussions with potential partners we are looking at whether we can deliver genuinely useful user functionality, as well as ensuring that we develop a diverse range of integrations that each contribute something different.

With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce that over the next few weeks we will be unveiling not one, not two, but THREE exciting new partnerships that we know our users will use and love!

(and we have several more already lined up for after the Web Agency Summit too – watch this space…)

Feature image - Spring 2023 Atarim Partnerships

New Atarim Partners, Spring 2023

I’m not going to share any spoilers – there will be information about each integration coming with the launch announcements – but since we’re feeling so excited about what’s coming up, here are 3 little clues…

1. One integration is all about bringing collaboration to where you work...

2. Another is perfectly aligned with our mission to optimize and speed up workflows to give WordPress users the ability to save hours in their day…

3. One partnership will offer high performing WordPress sites the smoothest possible experience & easiest scalability, allowing 100% focus on business growth and success...

That’s all you’re getting right now!

(But we’d love to see some guesses over in the Atarim Facebook Community! And we promise that you don’t have long to wait until we unveil the first announcement…)

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