Ver 3.6 is LIVE – Automations, Annotations & Acceleration!

Here at Atarim, you know that we’re all about making the working lives of our users – including agency owners, teams and enterprise organisations – easier, more productive, and more profitable.

We make collaboration and communication between you and your clients, and between your own team members, significantly easier, removing bottlenecks and simplifying workflows.

So as we continue to build out our platform into a full suite of tools for you to manage your web design work, we are now thrilled to announce that Version 3.6 is NOW LIVE, and includes a couple of really exciting updates built to further optimize your workflow – plus all the usual refinements and bug fixes.

First up, prepare to meet the BIG ONE – we have launched the beta of our Automations feature!

Automate, Automate, Automate…

Atarim already makes taking actions like changing task priority or assigning tasks to team members super quick and easy – but what’s quicker than quick? Having it happen automatically of course!

With the new Automations feature you can set up custom workflows with IF and THEN actions.

For example: IF a comment is added to a task that is marked Complete, THEN change the task status to Open.

Game changer!!

We have huge plans for this feature, and we know it’s something our users are super excited about. Automations will streamline and optimize workflows even further than our collaboration features already do.

Take a look, have a play and see what you think! What do you think we should add to this feature in our next update? How are you going to use it? Let us know on Twitter or in our active Facebook Community.

More Powerful Annotations

Yep, we already launched annotations, and it was good. It was useful.

But we’ve now taken it up a notch, introduced additional functionality and made it much smoother to use. It’s now a much more powerful tool to further encourage visual collaboration and really highlight certain feedback requests/comments.

Basically, we made it awesome.

The icon is now more prominently displayed too, so you won’t miss it, and there’s other changes that make image annotations a truly useful feature.

The Need for Speed: Caching on URL-based projects

If Atarim is all about one thing, it’s collaboration. If it’s about two things, it’s about collaboration and speed. With the Atarim platform you can massively decrease the amount of time eaten up in your workflow by difficult, messy and time-consuming communication.

When more than one person is involved, we can speed up the whole web design process by a colossal amount – up to 80% – by ensuring client or team collaboration is simple, easy and fast, resulting in huge productivity – and profitability – gains.

So you won’t be surprised to hear that our latest obsession is SPEED. Our developers are beavering away in the background working on the very foundation of our platform doing everything they can to make your experience with Atarim as speedy as possible – with this latest update shaving seconds off the time it takes to load your sites. When you first add a website via URL, we now cache this in the back-end – meaning the next time you load it, it will be almost instant.

You can then re-scrape the website with the refresh button (bottom left) if you need to update the website inside the iframe.

We know these aren’t the sexy updates to talk about, bursting with new features and functionality, but they are important, and make your whole experience with our tools as smooth and speedy as possible.

Version 3.6 Changelog

Dashboard New

  • Automations (Beta) – You can now setup custom flows inside your Atarim Dashboard inbox with if/then. For example, you can create a flow here if a comment is added inside a task that is complete, change the tasks’ status to open.
  • Caching on URL-Based Projects – Before this update, when you loaded a website inside the Dashboard (whether it’s brand new or added previously), we would scrape the website every single time. Now, once added we scrape the site and store it inside our DB, meaning loading that site afterwards is super fast.
  • Image Annotations – You can now take a screenshot of your current view and annotate it with shapes and text to give you even more tools to make things super clear to your team and clients.
  • Graphic FeedBack Ver 2 – We’ve made significant improvements to the graphic feedback tool inside your Atarim Dashboard, including more options for hotspots and some changes to approving designs.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • Auto-login – Previously there were some issues with automatic login on some WordPress sites, this is now fixed.
  • Pagination on Time Entries – If there were loads of time entries, it could take a while for them to load, we’ve added pagination to stop this from happening.
  • Export Button – Previously, the export button didn’t work sometimes, this is now fixed.
  • Missing Thumbnails – On Design Projects inside the Dashboard, thumbnails sometimes would not load, this is now fixed.
  • Jira Setting – When turning on Jira settings sometimes it would not save, this is now fixed.
  • First File Upload – When uploading a file to a task, the name was not showing correctly, this is now fixed.
  • Arrows on Pop-Over – The arrow was not showing on pop-overs that are horizontal, this is now fixed.
  • Saving Edited Comments – Saving edited comments were not working on URL based projects, this has now been fixed.

WordPress Plugin Bug Fixes

  • Main file name – We have changed the main file name as per the WordPress standard.
  • Updraft conflict – Fixed a JS conflict with the Updraft plugin.
  • Loading Icon – Moved the loading icon to local storage to prevent a CORS error.

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