Jan Koch joins WP FeedBack 2

Jan Koch joins WP FeedBack

We are so excited to announce that Jan Koch from WP Agency Summit & WP Mastery, has joined WP FeedBack as our Chief Technical Officer.

Vito and Jan met at a WordCamp in Germany last year and they’ve been friends ever since. This goes to show why everyone in WordPress needs to attend WordCamps, it gave them a great opportunity to meet and start working together; further proving the power of the WordPress community.

Right after they met, Vito & Jan both noticed that their skill sets and personalities were a perfect match. Where Vito is more of a driver, he likes to move fast and steer the ship in the right direction, Jan looks at the finer details and ensures the ship’s journey is smooth sailing.

Since they met they’ve been hanging out in the same groups across the WordPress space, collaborating on different podcasts and Jan’s summit event; Jan joining WP FeedBack feels like a natural progression for their working relationship.

Both WP Mastery and WP FeedBack have been growing at a rapid pace over the last year. Jan’s The WP Agency Summit brought together over 2000 attendees and has been recognized and supported by the likes of Automattic, Cloudways, WP Tavern or MainWP; while WP FeedBack reached 6 figures within it’s first month of launching a brand new plugin. Vito and Jan are both considered as a rising force in the WordPress space and they are going to make more of a storm than ever!

They are both super pumped to begin working together, Jan will be joining the WP FeedBack team on their trip to Thailand for WordCamp Asia, as sponsors of the event in a few weeks.

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