Podcast: Vito talks to Pete Everitt of MDP 2

Podcast: Vito talks to Pete Everitt of MDP

How do you serve the niche you operate in? How well do you understand the community you are a part of?

Pete Everitt and I had this marvelous opportunity to talk about how you should look into your own community and discover the people’s pain points and how you can serve them better by developing a product that would help make a difference in their lives. A bit of back story: we also talked about music since Pete used to play the drums!

Vito talks to Pete Everitt of Marketing Development Podcast

I started my marketing journey by leading a rock band from a small town in Tel Aviv then went on to release albums and tour the world bringing our music to thousands of people. Later on, I applied my skills to grow a web agency from the back of a van to a team of 12 in just 3 years.

The journey was filled with so many crazy challenges and I told Pete that “you need to enjoy the journey” in order for you to see things in perspective, to be able to understand your customers better and to stay strongly committed to your community.

Pete has worked for over a decade in marketing agencies in the UK and across the globe and believes without a doubt that “marketers are people.” Check out the MDP website here.

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