Podcast: Vito + WordFence + Thinking Like a Hacker (?!) 2

Podcast: Vito + WordFence + Thinking Like a Hacker (?!)

Officially, I’m a hacker. Seriously!

I had the awesome chance to talk to Defiant Founder & CEO Mark Maunder at WordFence‘s Think Like a Hacker podcast about this so-called glass ceiling in agencies where managing people and projects begins to inhibit growth and profitability.

It was interesting to discuss with Mark where pain points lie and how to move past these, as well as how to effectively leverage your own customers to inform product design.

Watch the interview in full here:

The funniest thing about how WP FeedBack came about was that instead of trying to figure out every audience and what they want, I observed myself closely, and looked at my team sitting right next to me in the office. The problem that we’re solving among WordPress professionals and agencies was then THE biggest problem within my own business – as soon as we fixed it for our agency, we knew right then and there that it would be valuable for everyone in the community.

And as I told Mark, “if you have a good product (that suits the market) and what you’re doing is actually valuable to the people you’re speaking to, they will definitely come on board with you.”

Share your comments in the thread below. If you want to know more about WP FeedBack and how you can exponentially hack your business’ growth, click HERE.

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