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Version 2.5 – One of Our Biggest Updates EVER! (Including a brand new Support Desk)?

We’ve been working on this one for more than 6 months and I’m beyond excited to release this update!

With the new Email-based Support Desk,  Atarim has become, literally, the only collaboration & communication system that any agency to freelancer in our space will ever need.

More than that, with last month’s Zapier integration, the brand new 17 webhooks for actions and triggers and the upcoming Integromat integration (released next week), our platform can fit into any workflow seamlessly.

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Your Brand New Support Desk

With this update comes one of the biggest features we’ve ever implemented, the new support desk. There are tons of platforms that are used as ticketing systems, but how many of them are specifically designed around web design and development?!

When emails are sent to the address that is setup, they will come into the “email inbox” on the top of the Agency Dashboard task center. Not only that though, if an email is sent from an address that has a WordPress account on a website that is inside the Agency Dashboard, it will automatically filter this task to that website.

Your client will then see every single request they’ve sent via email (and on their website itself when creating requests from Atarim) on their live website. Not only does this ensure that everything stays in one place, it also shows your client all the work you are taking care of it even when they stray from using Atarim for requests.

Want to find out how to set this up inside your Agency Dashboard, we have full documentation here for the inbox, and here for the DNS settings.

One Click Website Activation Flow + SSO

We have completely overhauled the process of adding websites to your Agency Dashboard. Previously, you had to download the plugin from your account, then copy and paste your license into the plugin, then save your settings for it to validate.

Now, you simply click the button shown above in the “permissions” setting, click a button and it will take you the our website to confirm that it’s you. If you are not logged in, we will send you to the Agency Dashboard to do so.

Once logged into the Agency Dashboard, you are now logged into every other place inside Atarim, we have achieved this with SSO (Single sign-on). Once you login, we will then take you to verify it’s your account and boom, the website will be added to your Agency Dashboard, pretty cool right? ?

Moving Forward!

Over the past couple of years, working with thousands of agencies, I learned that one of the biggest false beliefs for our industry, being so savvy, is the fact that an average website project takes between 7-15 different tools (most introduced to the client) to get the job done.

I learned that this mindset that we all adopted (I had the same set-up within my own agency), is creating a massive strain on the workflow. And this is one of the key reasons why a basic project that takes each of us between 3-5 days to build, takes between 4-6 weeks to complete when a client gets involved.

So, as I understand that I can’t completely change the industry (yet), you can now connect our platform to the 6-14 other tools within your workflow, but I would like to encourage you to reduce this as much as possible. This is going to magically decrease your project completion time and will give you and your clients more clarity over things ?

This is the goal of Atarim as a system – to be your service delivery platform for websites. In fact, we are the only product on the market that has this mindset ?

Right, so what do we have on this massive update?


✅[New] Email Support Desk
To start using the new inbox, head over to the settings screen within the Agency Dashboard and go through the Email Settings, once done, the new Inbox block will appear**

  • Set up your own custom inbox
  • Send and receive messages via email directly into the Agency Dashboard
  • Auto filter incoming emails to the relevant websites, allowing the clients to see previously created requests.
  • Assing email threads to websites.
  • Rich text in emails, file attachments and CC & BCC.
  • Filterable Status, Priority and Tags for email tickets.
  • Email notifications for Status changes – To keep the client in the loop.

✅ [New] File Uploads – You can now upload files directly inside the Agency Dashboard.

✅ [New] Webhooks

  • Actions: Create a New Task/New Comment/New Time Entry/New Note, Change Status/Priority, Add a Tag, Assign User.
  • Trigger: Do something when there’s a New Website/New Task/New Comment/New Time Entry/New Note, Status/Priority Change, Tag is added, User is assigned.

✅[New] SSO
The Agency Dashboard and the Billing Area is now connected via secure, expiring, tokens to avoid the need to login to both sides. Your account and login details on the Agency Dashboard are the only ones that matter now.

✅[New] Easy plugin download
Until now, every time you needed to download the Client Interface Plugin, you needed to go to the billing area.
This is something that remained from back in the days before the Agency Dashboard when we were a basic WordPress plugin. This is no longer necessary, you can click to download the plugin directly inside the Agency Dashboard.

✅[New] Domain verification for improved notification deliverability
With the new email system, we have added the ability to validate your domain. This means that before this change, if your domain score wasn’t awesome and you were using it in the custom email field, your email notification sometimes went to SPAM or displayed a warning for some of the email providers.
You can get the domain verification instructions inside the Settings screen of the Agency Dashboard.

✅[New] Billing area is now strictly for billing – No need for licenses or the downloads section anymore.

Bug fixes:

  • Contributors were not able to track time. This is now fixed.
  • Usernames were displayed in the “Notify Users” – Now we’re showing first & last names.
  • Open task button is designed to log you in automatically to the relevant website using the “Default Webmaster” user that is defined on the plugin side. But if you were already logged into the website, it created a problem. This is now fixed.


✅[New] 1 click website activation flow.
No need to deal with license keys anymore. When you install the client interface plugin on a new website, you now have an Activate button that connects you to the Agency Dashboard account you are logged into.

✅ [New] PHP 8 Compatibility throughout.

✅ [New] Email Tasks – When an email (from the new support desk) is assigned to a website, you and your clients can see and respond to the requests directly from the website.

✅[New] Safe/Unsafe email notifications toggle – Allowing you to switch between the old method and your new email inbox with domain verification for clean deliverability.

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