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WP FeedBack PRO 1.6 – Restoring All Orphaned Tasks, Object Caching and Archive Pages

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

As WP FeedBack PRO is being used by more and more Agencies and Freelancers, we are ensuring that no matter how intricate or wild your setup is – It will always be a smooth experience.

That’s why in update 1.6 we’ve introduced some quality of life features that you can take advantage of.

Restoring All Orphaned Tasks

As you know, tasks created with WP FeedBack PRO are using HTML elements and page links for their location. When a drastic change in the HTML of a page happens and this could be a change of theme, page-builder or the permalink of a pageAll tasks that were previously attached to those HTML elements will get converted to general tasks in the task center.

These are what we call “orphaned tasks”, and to combat this, very early after releasing the tool we developed the feature to remap an orphaned task on the front-end using the sidebar. 

We’ve taken this even further by giving you the option to restore ALL tasks that have been orphaned after a drastic change, attaching them to their original locations.

Let’s take a look at this in action.

First, let’s take a look at how this would work with a small change to a page. Here I’ve created a task on a test website.

If we go ahead and delete the paragraph, we can see the task has become a general task.

Let’s add another paragraph to the post. Now if we head to the task center and click on “Restore Orphan Tasks”.

…Boom, we can see the task has been reattached! 

How would this work with an even bigger change though… Let’s say I want to change the theme of a website to check  if my current theme is causing a conflict that I’ve found.

After changing a theme, all tasks on a website will be orphaned.

Previously, if I change the theme back to my previous one, all tasks would still be orphaned and I would have to go through each one on the front-end and remap them one by one.

Now to remap ALL tasks on a website, I click the button exactly how I did previously and boom, all tasks will be put back into their original positions.

This is going to save a bunch of time and allow you to make sure all tasks are in the right place. You can do this with 1, 10, 1000 tasks…

Object Caching

We have already made our plugin compatible with WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, Fast Velocity Minify and Cloudways’ Breeze plugin, as these had some problems when installed along with WP FeedBack PRO.

As opposed to being on the website side though, Object caching is enabled on the server side to speed up the performance of a website. To achieve this, data is cached in the server which then allows the website to grab it, resulting in faster load times.

As WP FeedBack PRO also pulls from the database, because object caching being a special type of caching, it was stopping tasks from showing on the website. 

Now, if you have object caching enabled on a website, we’ve created this option. 

What this will do is clear the object cache every time a database action is performed by WP FeedBack PRO. 

This option nullifies the effect of object caching every time WP FeedBack PRO calls on the database, ensuring that the actions go through. 

Filtering Based On Custom Tags

We implemented adding custom tags to tasks in ver 1.1.9 (which was last November! Man time flies), this was to make it even easier for you to be organised and stay on top of tasks.

With our latest Dashboard update, you can now filter tasks based on custom tags!

In the screenshot above, we have created a custom tag called “Design”. By choosing this in the filters section (which is located at the bottom), we can see that 3 tasks have this custom tag and are now showing in the “Tasks Found” column.

This is to make it even easier for you to use custom tags to your advantage and save more time when prioritizing tasks.

For example, a great use case would be to add a custom tag based on what type of request your client has sent through. That way your design team can simply filter based on a tag for “Design” and your support team can do the same with a “Support” tag – Making it super simple for them to see what they need to work on!

We are super pumped to have this feature inside the Dashboard, and we will be expanding on it further in the coming updates!

Check out the full list of this update below.

New Features

  • A new setting to disable object caching while commenting and creating tasks
    • Object caching is a special type of caching that pulls from the database on the server side.
    • WP FeedBack PRO also does this, which resulted in tasks not showing on the front-end.
    • If you have object caching enabled, you can now disable it for when a comment or task is created with WP FeedBack PRO.
  • Restoring all orphaned tasks
    • When a drastic change happens on a WordPress website, such as changing a theme, page-builder or the permalink of a page, tasks were detached because of the change in HTML structure.
    • Instead of remapping tasks 1 by 1 on the front-end with the sidebar, we now have a button in the task center to remap ALL orphaned tasks in one go.
  • Archive Pages
    • Tasks that were created on WordPress archive pages such as blogs or product pages were not saved to their location because of the information on the pages being dynamic
    • Now, instead of tasks being assigned to the blog or product pages, they are now assigned on to the archive page they were created on.
  • A spinner for adding and deleting custom tags to tasks
    • When created and deleting custom tags, it was a bit jarring because you wouldn’t be able to see that the task was loading.
    • We’ve added a spinner to the dashboard when adding custom tags to a task on the task center, and also in the task pop-up on the front-end and back-end of a website.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed jQuery for non logged users
    • The jQuery file was getting loaded for users who were not logged into a website with WP FeedBack PRO installed, even when guest mode was disabled.
    • This has been fixed and only loads for the non-logged in users if guest mode is enabled.
  • Auto screenshot cross domain images fix
    • When auto screenshots were being taken when a task is being created, the images used on the website were missing from the screenshot because they were coming from a different domain.
    • This is now fixed, images that are generated on a different domain will still show on the auto-screenshot.
  • CSS fix to display delete icon for custom tags on Firefox
    • CSS fix to display the delete icon for custom tags on Taskcenter, Frontend, and Backend on Firefox browser
  • CSS fix to display tag autocomplete box properly
    • CSS fix to properly display the custom tags autocomplete box overlay on task popups (backend and frontend)
  • jQuery fix to the display when choosing ‘Show Details’ on tasks while filtering
    • When a filter was active, clicking on show details wouldn’t display anything.
    • This is now fixed.
  • Redirection to the tasks from app dashboard bug fix
    • Clicking the ‘Open Task Page’ button on a task in the central dashboard was redirecting to the website’s home page instead of the exact location of the task. o
    • Now the bug has been fixed, the button now takes you directly to the task you have opened when clicking the button.


  • Custom tag functionality
    • Inside the Center of the dashboard, you can now filter by custom tags that you have added to your tasks.
    • When adding custom tags, there is now auto-complete.
    • A drop down has been added which will show any custom tags that are present in the website’s tasks.
    • This works based off the characters that you type when adding a custom tag, identical to the way WordPress post’s work with tags.
  • Auto mark a task a complete
    • When writing a comment inside a task, a tick-box will now show that will allow you to auto change the status of a task to complete.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • Screen-size and mobile optimization
    • For the resolution of 1280×720, the dashboard has been fully optimized to provide a smoother experience.
    • Inside the Boards, the resolution of the task pop-up was not displaying correctly due to the attribute section. This has been fixed.
    • The height of tasks and comments in the pop-ups for Boards was not consistent with the Center, this has been fixed.
  • A bug where a newline character in messages/comments was not appearing.
    • This has now been fixed.

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