WP FeedBack PRO 1.9 – CSV exports, status notifications & bug fixes 2

WP FeedBack PRO 1.9 – CSV exports, status notifications & bug fixes

Our last update for the year and boy has it been a doozy! πŸ™Œ

We’ve learned so much in 2020, COVID has hit us all hard and we’re proud to still be serving your agencies and freelancer businesses with our platform. We are starting off 2021 with a massive bang (more on that later), and also we’ll be doing a 2020 review too, so keep an eye out for that!

WP FeedBack PRO 1.9 – CSV exports, status notifications & bug fixes 3

I know I know, so let’s have a look at what’s new in version 1.9!


A feature that has been requested MANY times, our favorite type of new feature to implement!

From the dashboard, you can now export CSV or Excel files that will contain all of the data of tasks from websites that are connected. You can also filter which types of tasks are exported based on their status and priority!

Notifications In Tasks

WP FeedBack PRO 1.9 – CSV exports, status notifications & bug fixes 4

It was difficult to keep up with tasks inside the dashboard when changes were being made. Suddenly you would notice that a task has been marked as closed but there was no closing message…

Now, whenever something is changed: status, priority, someone new assigned etc., you will see a notification inside the comments. It will let you know who did the change and at the date & time. This is a great way to be able to go through a task and see exactly what has been happening, getting rid of any confusion.



  • Improved Sticker Design
    • Changed the design slightly to have a better aesthetic, making it easier on the eyes
  • New links for Support
    • Previously, we had a Gravity Form inside the plugin to create support tickets
    • This caused issues when the website it was being sent from did not have emails properly configured, we have now changed this to a page on our Learn Platform.
  • New upgrade link
    • Inside the plugin, the upgrade link has been changed as it was going to an old page.
  • Completed tasks no longer show a tick
    • So you can still see the ID number of a task, we have changed the tick on a completed task to still have the number.

Bug Fixes

  • Failed emails with no recipients
    • When a user was logged in and was notified about a task, if he completes a task or comment on a task then there was a bug in which email was being sent with no recipients.
    • This issue has been solved and emails still send regardless
  • Task conflict with Elementor
    • There was an issue that was causing tasks to not be created properly when using Elementor
    • This has now been fixed
  • Sticker permission issue
    • When setting up permissions for viewing tasks on the front-end, some user roles were unable to view them
    • This has now been fixed


New Features

  • Excel/CSV export of tasks
    • You can now export tasks and filter based on status and/or urgency.
    • This gives you a list of all information about the tasks from all websites on your dashboard.
  • Status notifications on tasks
    • Now, when a change is made to the status/priority of a task, inside the chat will be a notification letting you know who made that change, and the date.
  • S3 Image save
    • From now on, all the images added to dashboard will be stored in AWS S3 bucket.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag and drop issues on boards
    • Now you can change the ordering of the tasks in Board screen with ease.
    • Now the tasks will remain there where user will drop them.
    • Also added some CSS effects for showing the area where the tasks will be dropped.
  • Urgency issue
    • There was a bug while getting tasks which has no urgency added.
    • Resolved that issue with adding proper condition in code when empty urgency data for any of the task.

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