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WP FeedBack PRO 1.8 – Color Coded Stickers, Dashboard Search Functionality & Bug Fixes

This update we have something truly special, it may not seem like a huge update but trust us when we say…It’s a big one!

Color coded stickers have been requested since we began development of WP FeedBack PRO and we are happy to announce that it’s here ?

Short demo of 1.8 on our Facebook Group

Color Codes


We’ve been teasing the design for the color coded stickers for the past few weeks and we’re excited to say that version 1.8 is live!

Colors are chosen based on the priority and status of a task, you’ll notice we’ve also changed the names of these to the corresponding color so you can see which color it will be.

The status of the task changes the color of the bubble itself, while the priority is a little semi circle in the top right. This is to give you more visual information about a task before you even open it while looking at the front-end of a website.

Inside the permissions tab, there is now the option to enable color coded stickers for each user type, giving you full control over who can see it and who can’t. 

New Features

  • Color Coded Stickers
    • Stickers are now coded with color based on status and priority
    • The options for choosing status and priority are now colored to show which color to expect with the option you pick.
  • Task box no longer moves
    • As you scroll down the page with task boxes open, it would flicker and move around within bounding boxes
    • This has been taken away completely to ensure a much smoother experience.
  • Color change of outline in comment mode
    • We have now changed the outline from grey to red when in comment mode to make it clearer which element you are selecting
    • This is also reflected in the auto-screenshots to show which element was chosen more clearly

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed auto screenshot when using the graphic feedback tool
    • Auto screenshots were not being taken on the graphics tool while creating a task, this is now fixed
  • There was an issue with usernames that contained an apostrophe
    • If a username had an apostrophe it was causing major issues with the plugin in general. This is now fixed.
  • Links added as a comment in tasks were not opening in a new tab
    • This is now fixed to ensure you are not completely taken away from the task you’re working on if you need to click a link
  • Video files are now being uploaded correctly
    • Previously video files were not getting uploaded as an attachment and would always give an error, this is now fixed
  • WP Rocket excluding the WP FeedBack PRO js files
    • An update on WP Rocket meant that the js files were being excluded and refreshing the htaccess file every time you saved settings. This has now been fixed
  • Elementor conflict
    • Using the WP FeedBack PRO plugin with Elementor after their latest update would cause the “edit with elementor” button to not display in the front-end WP admin bar.
    • This has now been fixed
  • Mailpoet conflict
    • Mailpoet added some new pages to their plugin which was causing WP FeedBack PRO to be shown with broken styling
    • This has now been fixed as these pages have been excluded, ensuring our plugin doesn’t load


New Features

  • Search bar changes
    • When searching, parameters have been added based on what you type, including: Task Title, Task Page Title, Task Number, Website and Username
    • As soon as you type, these parameters will show in a dropdown box
    • If the whole string of what is typed matches perfectly with any website, that website will be chosen after selecting it
  • Changing your account password
    • You can now change your own password from the users activity screen
    • Admins cannot change the passwords of other users
  • Design updated for removing and resyncing websites on Dashboard
    • We’ve added an overlay to the buttons for better visibility

Bug Fixes

  • There was an error with the password reset email
    • This is now fixed and users will now receive the email to reset their passwords from the login screen
  • Task count was not being shown when urgency was switched on in boards
    • This is now fixed
  • When dragging and dropping tasks, the styling was off on the box in boards
    • This now looks correct, with the card width being the same width when attached to mouse cursor as the boards themselves.

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