WP FeedBack 1.0.5 is now live! πŸš€πŸ”₯ File Uploads & Multisite Support 2

WP FeedBack 1.0.5 is now live! πŸš€πŸ”₯ File Uploads & Multisite Support

Before updating to the latest version please answer this short survey: https://atarim.io/lastform/4

We’re continuing our weekly updates with new and exciting features. And w’re just getting started! In the upcoming weeks, you can expect a few interesting additions like “General Tasks” (Not bound to a specific div), enhanced White Label (removing our name from the backend sidebar and the email notifications) AND the one I’m most excited about – Backend Commenting. This will truly be a revolutionary feature, allowing you and your clients to create tickets on any screen in the backend.
I can see that people are stating to share WP Feedback on different groups and pages – This is AWESOME! Thank you all and if you see someone asking for opinions – please take a minute to share your experience!
Only if it’s good though πŸ˜‰ if it’s not, tell ME! I wanna know ❀

Here’s what we added this week:

(You can click to update from within your WP dashboard)


  • File Uploads -You and your client can now upload images, docs, and spreadsheets directly into the task comment feed. The files will be saved inside the website’s Media folder so you can access it without the need to download and re-upload.
  • Multisite support – You can now use the plugin on Multisite installations. Each instance is considered a domain so you will need an unlimited license if you have more than 5 WP installations.
  • Simplified License Verification – You will no longer need to go to our website and manually add the domain. As soon as you add the license key and click “verify domain” the domain will be added to your account (as long as your license didn’t max the installations allowed).
  • Customize User Type Names – Initially, I created the terminology based on my geeky love to medieval stuff (King/Advisor/Council). But turns out it didn’t make much sense, so after a poll on the Facebook group, you can now choose your own!
    We also changed the default terms to:
    • Webmaster – (Website pro): Super admin – he has full capabilities for all the plugin’s functions.
    • Client (Website Owner) – (The client): Can do everything except:
      • Choose and change status.
      • Access the settings, support and upgrade screens.
      • Can only delete his own tickets.
    • Others – (others using the site – SEO, Content, Translators…): Can do everything except:
      • Choose and change status and urgency.
      • Access the settings, support, integration and upgrade screens.
      • Can only delete his own tickets.
    • Guest – (Logged out and if not assigned a default user): Can do everything except:
      • Choose and change users, status and urgency.
      • No access to the backend (he’s not logged in to the site).
      • Can only delete his own ticket, within the current session (Can NOT delete after page reload).


  • Open images and screenshots in a new tab – When you click on any uploaded image or screenshot in the tasks feed, the item will open in a new tab automatically.
  • Instant task update on sidebar – We enabled Ajax reload on the sidebar so as soon as a task is created (comment made on a new bubble), the task will appear on the sidebar, without refresh.
  • Instant change task to complete – We enabled Ajax reload on the tasks’ stickers so as soon as the status changes to complete, the sticker will turn green and the check will appear, without refresh.
  • Timestamp on sidebar – For some users, there was a problem with the timestamp on the tasks that didn’t match between the comment time in the bubble and time on the sidebar. This is now fixed.

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