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WP FeedBack – is now live! ??? General Tasks

Firstly I want to thank all of you that have joined the Facebook group. Speaking with you guys has been awesome and some of your ideas are truly great. We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and we are excited to make WP Feedback the ultimate solution for all WordPress pros like you!

Among the other features, we have a really cool addition this week – General Tasks! (Check out the details below), this is another step toward our mission – To become the way WP pros communicate with website clients. This is, of course, broad enough to keep expanding our tool and there’s a long road ahead of us as we tackle this massive problem.

As Vito Peleg is in Berlin for the rest of the week at WordCamp Europe, you’ll have to put up with just me for now ?. As always if you are having any issues or you want to discuss anything, you can post here, message me directly or email support@wpfeedback.co
Anyway, enough rambling, here are the brand new features and fixes with this update. (You can click to update from within your WP dashboard)


  • Saving new email in “Sent from email address” wasn’t saving correctly, it’s saving properly!
  • File upload on new general task modal is now displaying correctly.
  • Screenshot on general task was not proper. We’ve fixed this to make it look identical to the task screenshots.
  • Changed General task “+” icon class name “fas fa-plus-square” to “fa fa-plus-square” for to make it compatible with older Font Awesome Scripts.
  • Normal & general task instant task id was not displaying, it is now!
  • In general task, instant delete before the task is created was not working. You can now delete it straight after it’s created.
  • CORS related issue in wpfb-front.css over GIF image being loaded from http. It now loads correctly. (thanks Chris Bourne)
  • Quotes in messages were appended with slash “”

And if you missed our last post, here are the features added in 1.0.6:


  • General Tasks – General Tasks allows you to create a task that is bound to a page/post but not to a div within the page. More general requests (hence the name). This also means that if you created a standard task but the div it was attached to was removed the task will become a general task so that you’re in control of all current and past requests. You can initiate a “General Task” from 3 places:
    • From within the frontend sidebar.
    • By clicking the plus icon and choosing General Task on the bottom “Comment mode” notice.
    • From the Task Center in the backend by clicking the “General Task” button, choosing the page/post to connect it to, choose a user and post your comment.
  • Enhanced White Label – We added a few features to when you tick on the “Remove Powered By Links”:
    • The WordPress sidebar will now say “Feedback” instead of “WP Feedback”.
    • The email notifications will not have our link at the bottom.
    • Email notifications’ main color will be based on the main color you choose in the settings screen (instead of the WP Feedback blue).
  • Custom “From” Email – Until now, all notification emails were sent from the admin email address set on WordPress settings. Now, it’ll be the same by default but you have the option to modify this email address on the settings screen. This could be great for those using a support desk in addition to the plugin as you can now set an email address that you know is relevant to the client’s website so that everything is nice and tidy.
  • Hiding the License Key on the settings screen – Instead of showing your license key to anyone that lands on the settings screen, it’s now hidden – Like a password would.


  • Skip screen on frontend wizard – If a user has already set their user type (Webmaster, Client OR Others), the wizard will skip this step for them. This allows you to set the client’s (or any other user’s) user type by going to their WordPress profile, scrolling down and choosing from the dropdown. To make the process even simpler for them – All they will see are 2 screens on the Wizard – Choosing their own notifications and the short tutorial video to train them on the tool.
  • Added Name and Email Address to the support form – You can reach our support by sending an email to support@wpfeedback.co OR by submitting the form in the “Support” screen in the backend. We collected the name and email of the currently logged in user so that we can reply to you, but in many cases, the name was random, like the company name or “Admin” and the email wasn’t always the correct one. So now, while we auto-populate these details for you, to save you some time, you can now check and change the name and email address if needed when reaching out to us for support.
  • Blank “User type” in user profile if no values are set – After last week’s update we allowed you to customise the terminology of the user types (Webmaster, client, others). But if the customisation fields remained empty, it made it hard to understand which role to choose. This is now fixed.
  • Temporary fix for the compatibility issue with MooTools javascript framework – As we add more premium users (We passed 250 users over the weekend, with almost 1,000 active domains) the plugin gets around and more use cases are revealed to us. We’re searching for these cases to fix so that you can use the plugin freely and they don’t hurt us as we scale.
  • An issue with the logo on the backend wizard – The logo was hiding some of the functions on smaller screens. This is fixed.


  • Re-checked Avada – We updated our compatibility with Avada Theme and Fusion builder (their page builder).

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