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WP FeedBack 1.1.1 – Sidebar Filters + Video Uploads + User Permissions

We’re continuing our expedited development process, releasing more and more awesome features every single week!

And this week, in addition to a little bug fix and a couple of minor compatibility fixes, we are launching 4 new features for WP Feedback as well as a new admin screen within our plugin settings.

Sidebar Filters

You can now filter tasks based on Status OR Urgency, directly from within the WP Feedback sidebar on the frontend OR the backend. Giving you more control over multiple tasks to streamline your workflow further.

Video Embeds and Uploads

You can now embed videos from you YouTube simply by pasting the video URL within the comment box. You can also upload video files using the File Upload feature – MP4 and MOV.

Custom User Permissions

We added options to allow you to choose which functions each user type (Webmaster/Website Owner/Others) can see and use when creating and managing tasks.

Encrypted license key in the database

From now, your license key is even safer as we encrypted it within the database (on top of anywhere else).

New Admin Screens

As we’re expanding the features of the plugin, a need for a central permissions page was now viable.

So we split the Settings page from the Permissions page within the admin area of the plugin to give you a clearer view of what you’re facing with every revolutionary feature ??

The New Settings Screen

On this screen, you can manage the general settings of the plugin, add your own branding to white label WP Feedback, hook up to your own support desk and control which notifications the website’s users are allowed to choose from when setting up their own personal notifications.

The New Permissions Screen

On this brand new screen, we included a few sections that you already saw on the old Settings page, only that now they are placed more logically with the need to control the permissions across different users of the tool.

You can validate your license, choose which user roles are allowed to comment, flick on Guest Mode to allow people to create tickets and comments even without the need to log in (this is great for revision rounds during the build, but not ideal for live sites).

Then you can customise the terminology for our user types, to make the experience even more personal for your clients.

The new addition here is the permissions table, allowing you to tick on/off different features within the task popovers. By default, we added our recommended permissions, which I still think is the right way to go as the more options you’ll give your clients, the less response you will get from them (to put it shortly) but you can try and decide that for yourself ?

And finally, we have the Default Users options. Allowing you to choose your own user as the webmaster so that you’re always in the loop with new tasks that are created as your user will be marked to be notified by default.
This also saves your client the need to choose your user for every new task they create (Saving clicks is the name of the game!)

Choosing your client’s user as the “Website Owner” will allow them to create tickets when in Guest Mode, without the need to log in and they will still be notified on the progress and when you’re done while you will have perfect tracking of all the tasks that he/she created as a logged-out user.

Bug Fixes

We’re seeing less and less bugs being reported every week, to the point that now we’re just creating our own bugs from new releases! ?
This is what we fixed this week, that happened as mistake after the latest Multilangual update from last week.

Default users – Within the settings screen, when trying to save “The Website Builder” default user, the filed did not save properly for some users. This is now fixed.


  • Advanced Custom Fields – There was a JS conflict with the date picker on ACF. This is now fixed.
  • Virtue theme compatibility – There were some CSS conflicts with the theme. This is now fixed.
  • Microthemer compatibility – The icons were not visible due to a script conflict. This is now fixed.

Stay tuned for a really cool feature that is coming up next week!

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