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Ver 2.1.1 – Assigning Users, Exports, Size Reduction & More…

This update consists of mostly a clean up of a bunch of small bits and pieces that we’ve been wanting to sort out for a while! We are working super hard to keep pushing things forward and I’m very proud of my team to striving every single day! ?

Not only do we have some great additions inside this update, we’ve reduced the size of the Client Interface Plugin, upgraded our PHP combability and fixed a few pesky bugs that were found by us and our users.

Ultimate Accountability

We have further expanded the assigning users function inside tasks to ensure that everyone is held accountable for the work they should be doing. Before you could only assign one person at a time to a task, now you can assign as many as you need.

To give you a quick glance at who is responsible, their avatar from their profile will be shown by the task (example in the screenshot above). The person who is currently assigned has a border around their avatar, so you know who is ultimately responsible while also showing you everyone else who is assigned.

This is to keep you and your team accountable for their tasks, so nothing falls through the cracks!

Users being assigned will also show as notifications inside the task, showing you who was assigned and who assigned them. This is to make it absolutely certain that there is never any confusion about a task’s history!

Here’s the full list of everything else inside this update?


New Features:

  • Plugin zip size has reduced from 5mb+ to under 1.3mb
  • PHP 8 Compatibility upgrade
  • Changed the Keyboard shortcut for going into “Comment Mode” from SHIFT+C to SHIFT+F
  • WPML was showing language icons at the bottom of the graphic feedback item, we removed the language menu.
  • RTL support for Compact Mode

Bug Fixes:

  • Old white-label data has been replaced with new data. So, if you have seen the old logo or favicon before, it will be all replaced with a new favicon and logo URL.
  • Some old tasks (from WP FeedBack) were showing massive numbers. This is now fixed. Completing the last point we had pending from the ver2.X rebuild!
  • For some users the local and Global settings were not taking effect, this is now fixed.
  • When selecting default users and changing your mind, you couldn’t unselect. Now you can.
  • There was a notice showing when one of the plugin variables was not defined- This is now fixed.
  • Graphic feedback tool – Duplicate tasks were showing in the sidebar sometimes – This is now fixed.
  • Graphic feedback tool – the name of the user who comments was not staying on the task after refresh (changing to Guest) – This is now fixed
  • When the license server fails it was throwing an error on the site. This is now fixed.
  • Task bubbles are now showing the default color that was chosen when tasks are “open”.
  • There was count error showing on websites when no users were synced to the agency dashboard and this is now fixed.
  • In the previous version there was a code added to sync the pages so that the Agency Dashboard can create links for the pages while creating general tasks. The code was also firing before the WordPress fully loads sometimes. This is now fixed
  • For some websites, when checking off the “show completed tasks” filter, the tasks were still showing. This is now fixed.
  • Sometimes tasks are showing the loading spinner even after they have loaded blocking the use of the task. This is now fixed.
  • For some old tasks, when syncing to the Agency Dashboard, the old status/urgency of the tasks would come back. This is now fixed.
  • Within task notices the name shows was of the main user that signed up to the Agency Dashboard (the account holder), this is now fixed.

New Feature:

  • New notify users + assigned responsibility – You can now add multiple Atarim users (your team) to a task and see their Avatars in the quick view sidebar. We also changed the top assigned user dropdown to “Who is responsible” – You can have multiple users working on a task but only 1 user can be responsible. The responsible user will get a circle around their avatar. So that everyone knows what they are working on at any given moment.
  • Full URLs in the CSV exports – When exporting tasks from the Agency Dashboard you now get the direct URL of where the task was created. Perfect for crafting client reports.
  • Automated fallback sync with the Agency Dashboard – we’ve deferred the fallback syncs from page loads to corn jobs that happen twice a day. Saving a lot of resources, accelerating page speed

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