Ver 2.1.0 – Compact Mode, Keyboard Shortcuts & more…

We are super excited about this update, we are finally out of 2.0.x updates, and are now past version 2.0 πŸ™Œ

Now we are ready to keep RUNNING forward with awesome product advances for Atarim, and we have some amazing things planned for this year. In version 2.0.1 we’ve added a highly requested feature, compact mode and keyboard shortcuts!

Make it Compact

When we released version 2.0, we replaced the classic widget on the right hand side with a bottom bar and the widget underneath. By popular demand, we have brought this design back in the form of compact mode. Now the bottom bar disappears, and we’ve put the widget back on the right hand side, where you can open the sidebar by clicking the Atarim icon (or the whitelabel icon that you’ve chosen).

You can find the setting for compact mode here:

Ver 2.1.0 - Compact Mode, Keyboard Shortcuts & more... 1

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make it even faster to work using Atarim, we’ve implemented keyboard shortcuts for when you are working on the front-end.

Use the following keys to perform actions:
– Shift+C – Go into Comment Mode
– Shift+G – Create a new General Task
– Shift+S – Open the sidebar
– Shift+B – Collapse bottom bar

As we release more updates, we’re planning to increase the number of shortcuts to further decrease the time it takes and system the process even more!

Here’s everything else we worked on for this update:


New Features:

  • Compact Mode – Adding an option to clean up the interface’s UI for a minified experience.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Quick actions within the website to further systemize the work. Use the following to perform actions:
    – Shift+C – Go into Comment Mode
    – Shift+G – Create a new General Task
    – Shift+S – Open the sidebar
    – Shift+B – Collapse bottom bar
  • New wizard training and onboarding videos – We updated the videos are inside the client interface plugin:
    – The webmaster onboarding – after the initial installation ( and as the video for this post)
    – The webmaster wizard completion – after the frontend wizard for webmasters only (
    – Client training video – after the frontend wizard – a silent video that highlights how to use the interface (
  • Speed optimization: Moving Curl Request to load twice a day instead of on page load. Reducing load time by 50%+
  • New Notices:
    – Admin notice when the plugin license is not validated to let you know you need to validate.
    – Graphics feedback tool notice on the screen if the plugin is disabled (so that it doesn’t just appear broken)

Bug Fixes:

  • Status notices inside the comments feed were not consistent. This is now fixed.
  • Popover tab icons scrolling to the top of the page for some themes. This is now fixed.
  • When creating a sticker, not leaving a message, then creating another sticker, then going back to the first one – the comment box was stuck on the spinner. This is now fixed.
  • Syncing new users to the Agency Dashboard as they are created.
  • When installing the plugin, the user that installed the plugin is automatically set as the Default Webmaster.
  • Apostrophe handling – When adding an apostrophe, the code was rendering differently. This is now fixed.
  • “Guest Mode” and “Stop comments for admins”, for some users, was staying ON when trying to turn OFF. This is now fixed.
  • When creating a General Task, sometimes, an additional inline task was created. This is now fixed.
  • On the General Tasks, the Auto Screenshot Preview was not showing. This is now fixed.
  • Guest Mode – The Default Client name was not showing – showing “Guest” instead. This is now fixed.
  • Whitelabel – In the WordPress user profile, the title of the user-specific section was saying “Atarim”. This is now changed to “Collaborate”
  • In the Graphic Feedback Tool, sometimes, users’ names were showing as “Guest”. This is now fixed.
  • After changing the status/urgency of a task, the comments feed now scrolls to the bottom.
  • On some sites, the user roles were not appearing inside the selection box. This is now fixed.

New Feature:

  • Compact Mode option added to the Global Settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Open Task’s Page button compatibility conflicts fixed
  • Email notifications Open Task’s Page compatibility conflicts fixed
  • Sync process compatibility conflicts fixed
  • General Task creation conflicts with some sites fixed
  • Global Settings white label conflicts fixed

2 thoughts on “Ver 2.1.0 – Compact Mode, Keyboard Shortcuts & more…”

  1. I use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C in Chrome to inspect elements, currently Atarim is overriding this functionality, making it a bit frustrating as the comment box comes up whenever I’m trying to inspect an element – please fix! πŸ˜…

  2. Hi James πŸ™‚
    Thanks for letting us know about this!
    This has been changed in our latest update, now the short cut is Shift+F πŸ‘Œ

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