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Version 3.0 – Atarim on ANY website, massive redesign, responsiveness, project stages…and more!

We haven’t had any update news in a while (since March to be precise, with the release of version 2.81). We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on the most logical next step for Atarim and we couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally in your hands.

This update is so huge, we decided it deserved a .0 release and skipped straight to 3.0 from 2.81 (sorry numbe 9, it’s not you, it’s us I promise…).

The most logical next step that I mentioned a sentence of two ago is that now, you can use Atarim on absolutely ANY WEBSITE you want to.

All you need is the URL and boom, it’ll be added to your Agency Dashboard. There’s a few other cool additions that we’ll get into later, so let’s dive into this massive update!

Come One, Come All ?

For those that have known us since the WP FeedBack days, this will probably come as a bit of a shock! Around 3 years, we started as a small WordPress plugin, where you could leave stickers on a live website.

As we continued to develop on top of our original idea, the Agency Dashboard came to fruition, and while it was amazing, it really does take more time than is diserable to get a website added to it. We’ve streamlined the process as much as we can we automation in license activation, SSO and a bunch of other functions…

Now though, it has never been quicker to get a website added to your Agency Dashboard!

On the websites screen, you’ll notice a handy field at the top now that is asking for a URL. All you need to do is add it, and press enter…

You’ll then be taken to the URL you entered, inside what we call the “Collaborate Screen”. And that’s it, you can start leaving stickers all of the website.

If you’d like to learn all about how this works, you can find our detailed documentation item here, which will take you through how to add websites, how to invite your team and clients, and a few other features!

Who Misses Deadlines Anymore, Amiright?? ?‍♀️?‍♂️

As we continue down the path of becoming an all in one platform for Digital Agencies, I think this is a feature you’ll be excited about, Project Stages.

You can now set each stage of a project, and the date when a stage should be completed by. Not only is this great for you to really set solid milestones that you can measure against, it will keep you and your clients on the same page.

By adding stages, it will add this to the front-end of the website, with a pop-up displaying which stage you are currently on, stages that have already been completed, stages coming up next and a timer which counts down to the current stages deadline date.

If a stage is not completed before the timer reaches zero, it starts counting up, letting everyone know that the project is behind!

This feature is intent on getting rid of delays for good! To find out more how project stages work and how to use them, you can check out our documentation here >> (NEED TO ADD LINK)

Agency Dashboard Redesign & Responsiveness ?

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of the Agency Dashboard as a whole, giving it a sleaker design by removing some of the clutter.

The top bar has been completely removed as it had become redundant, giving a lot more breathing room on all pages. As you can see from the websites screen, you can now view way more websites at a time and there’s way more white space!

We’ve also made the Agency Dashboard entirely responsive, going through 1000’s of old lines of code and cleaning it up. Now when using it via mobile or tablet, it’ll feel much more like an app (as it should!).

More, more, more…Integrations! ?

At the beginning of the year, we launched our first integration with ZapierIntegromat, and Webhooks and have been listening closely to feedback from our users to learn what we can do next.

2022 saw the first few integrations developed for Atarim, including  ZapierIntegromat, and Webhooks, and we’ve been looking closely at user feedback to learn which integrations would be most useful to you.

We started with ClickUp as a lot of you are using this as your project management software! And this was our first native integration.

Now with 3.0, we are introducing a bunch more native integrations to open the option for custom workflows to all types of apps that you are using!

You can now natively connect Slack to your Agency Dashboard, allowing you to do some of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. We’ve built our very own Slack bot that you can shoot commands to, enabling you to change things inside Atarim. To find our more about how this works, you can check out the documentation here >>

We’ve also added Atarim to Pabbly, which was requested by a few of our users. Since we already took care of Zapier and Integromat, Pabbly was honestly an easier integration to get going. You can view our documentation about this here >>

For brevity’s sake (and so I don’t bore you to death with this 10,000 word essay), here is the full list of what is included in version 3.0.

Open To All Websites

  • Open To All – You can now add ANY TYPE of website to your Atarim Agency Dashboard.
  • Adding Any Type Of Website – By simply adding a URL to a new field on the Websites screen, it will add this website to your Agency Dashboard where you can start collaborating.
  • Adding Tasks – You can add tasks to any type of website inside the Agency Dashboard, using the same functionality as the WP plugin.
  • Browse and Comment – You can switch between browsing a website and adding tasks with a toggle in the middle of the bottom bar.
  • Collaborating – On non-WP websites, you can click on the share button to get a link that you can share with anyone. This will allow them to interact as a guest or sign up as a collaborator on your Atarim account.
  • Email Invite – You can also invite someone to collaborate on the website via email using the “share” button.
  • Website Settings – Each webste has it’s own settings where you can white label the logo. You also have the option to turn global settings on which are taken from your dashboard settings.

Project Stages

  • Adding Milestones – You can now add milestones to websites on the “Websites” screen of your Agency Dashboard.
  • Setting Deadlines – You can set a deadline for each milestone, letting everyone know when each stage should be completed.
  • Stages On The Bottom Bar – Once stages have been added, a timer is added to the bottom bar of websites on the front-end, which counts down to the current milestone’s deadline.
  • Completing Milestones – Inside the Project Stages, you can complete each stage by ticking it off, this will then move onto the next stage.
  • Missed Deadlines – If a deadline passes without being marked as complete, the timer starts counting upwards and is marked in red to let everyone know a deadline has been missed.

Agency Dashboard Redesign

  • A Sleaker Design – We have completely revamped the design of the Agency Dashboard, to make it sleaker and more user friendly.
  • Removed Top Bar – The top bar has been completely removed,giving everything more space.
  • Consistently – We’ve gone through the 1000s of lines of code and made the design way more consistent, making it way more enjoyable to use.
  • Responsiveness – The Agency Dashboard is now fully responsive, using it on your phone or tablet will feel more like an app than a website now.
  • Layouts On Desktop – We’ve made many adjustments to pages on desktop view, with the intent of speeding up your workflow even further.

List View

  • A Different View On Websites Screen – You can change the view of your websites inside the Websites Screen with the new List View.
  • Grouped By Project – Inside list view, websites are grouped based on the project they are assigned to, making it easy to sort through.


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