WP FeedBack 1.0.8 - is now live! πŸš€βœ¨πŸ”₯ Enhanced Backend Commenting, Tooltips & Floating Widget 2

WP FeedBack 1.0.8 – is now live! πŸš€βœ¨πŸ”₯ Enhanced Backend Commenting, Tooltips & Floating Widget

Before updating to the latest version please answer this short survey: https://atarim.io/lastform/4


  • Frontend and Backend tabs added to the sidebar – You can now jump between tasks on the front end AND on the backend with 1 click. Just open the sidebar to see ALL the tasks created on the site and click the task to be redirected to the exact page which will then scroll to the exact area on the page and open the task bubble for you.
  • Draggable WP Feedback Widget – If the + icon and the sidebar trigger are in your way, simply grab it and drag it anywhere on the page. Clicking the WP Feedback logo (the sidebar trigger) will snap the widget back to its position on the side, remembering the height from the top that you chose.
  • Tooltips od the Settings screen – We want you to use the tool to its full potential so we added some short explanations to each and every option on the Settings screen – Clarity is power! (Plus, fewer support tickets for us πŸ€“)


  • Image upload issue in Multisite setup – Some users had issues uploading images on multisites, this is now fixed.
  • Font Awesome on backend – Font awesome was disabled on the backend when the option to turn off Font Awesome was ticked on. This is now fixed so you can see all the icons even if you avoid the conflict on the frontend using out checkbox in the settings screen.
  • Email Notification Checkboxes – Email Notifications checkbox were hidden on Admin settings as well as profile settings. This is now fixed
  • Backend Compatibility – Compatibility with “Booking Calendar” and “Code Snippets” plugins as we’re expanding our backend feature
  • Sidebar design issue – A couple of users reported a design issue on the font size of “Task Number” on the sidebar. This is now fixed.
  • Date format – Fixed date format issue in the tasks comments on the backend.

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