WP FeedBack - FR + SP Translations 2

WP FeedBack – FR + SP Translations

This week our main focus was on the Central Dashboard that’s coming out very soon with some incredible features I wish I had years ago when I first starting building sites for clients.

But we didn’t want to break our awesome strick of “new update every week” that started on the first week of the beta and has continued since.

So this is a mini update to add a few new languages, fix some bugs and compatibility issues we’ve seen over the week.

This week we also revealed a sneak preview of what’s coming on the upcoming dashboard:

WP FeedBack - FR + SP Translations 3


We now added Spanish and French to our growing roster of translations that also includes Dutch and Hebrew.

Next week, we’re also adding German and Finnish.

If your language is not included just yet, you have other options as well!

You can translate it yourself as we’re fully compatible with tools like WPML.

OR, you keep let us know that you would like to contribute to the project by emailing support@wpfeedback.co or posting on our Facebook Community group and we will give you access to our translation document so that you can add your own language.

Bug Fixes

This week – we’ve continued our huge surge of users as we’re scaling up and our support team was hard at work sorting minor bugs for the new and existing user – All while celebrating Himanshu‘s (Head of Dev) birthday! 🎉

As always, any bug fixes we sort out for a single user is added to the tool on the upcoming update so that it never happens again to anyone else.

Here’s what we fixed this week:

  • The manual “Daily Report” and “Monthly Report” buttons were not working on backend as well as sidebar for some users – Now they do.
  • No Comments Found – Email notifications for new comment had “No comments found” shown in the body, this is now fixed.
  • Warning Notices were displayed on the tasks tab when no tasks were available – in some cases. This is now fixed.
  • General Tasks – Improper URLs in the notifications were sent when general tasks were created from the backend. This is now fixed.
  • User Role Restrictions – Issues with the assignment of role and features to “Shop Manager” role from backend.

Compatibility Fixes

  • Microthemer – There was a conflict with the editor on Microthemer. This, along with a few CSS fixes were done.
  • Quad Menu – A JS conflict was found with Quad Menu – This is now fixed.

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Don’t forget to join us on the Facebook Group as we’ll be discussing the new Cloud application and showcase what we’re working on as we progress ❤

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