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WP FeedBack 1.1.2 – Frontend Login + Guest Mode Permissions

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

Do you know how you’re getting a link from a client (well at least the good clients will send you one), then once you see what you need to do, you need to go to /wp-admin and log in to the site, then go back to the link and only then you can start working.

Or even if you have WP Feedback, which means you’re ALWAYS getting the most precise link around the task or issue you need to tackle. But still, once you click that link in the email notification, you need to log in so that you can comment using your own user, to keep things nice and organised.

That introduces 5 clicks to your workflow:

  1. Click the link in the email to see the request.
  2. go to /wp-admin .
  3. Click the login button which lands you on the WP Dashboard.
  4. Click the home button to move to the front end.
  5. Navigate to the right page and only then you can start working.

Well, our game is to save you clicks, right?

Frontend Instant Login

So, now, as soon as you land on the website from your email notification, if you’re not already logged in, you will see a frontend login form so that you can dive straight into the work without visiting the backend at all.

More than that – Do you see that (smashing) logo at the top of the pop-up?

We love it as it gives you a nice and inviting welcome when you land on the website and well cause it’s ours…

How cool would it be if this was your business’ logo saying hi as soon as you or your client lands on the site with the intent of working on it?

OR maybe even your client’s logo to give them that nice premium feel knowing they made the right decision choosing you over hundreds of thousands of other web professionals that are out there.

Well, dream no more! If you remember that white label area in the backend, where you can upload your or your client’s logo, there’s now another use for it – right here!

Not only that, but the big login button inviting you or your client to start commenting will also change it’s color based on the brand color of your choice, again, in our White Label area ?

Guest Mode Permissions

On the last update, we introduced a new feature (as part of a new admin screen) to allow you to manage the permissions for the different user types that we define for Feedback within WP Feedback.

Since this was well-received, we decided to expand on this and give you the ability to manage the features for our ground-breaking “Guest Mode” – when visitors can provide feedback, even without being logged in to the site.

This now gives you FULL control on who can do what.

That being said, please note that you should use this with caution as not every customer should be allowed the full capabilities of the plugin.

A good rule of thumb is “Less is more”, realising that most clients don’t have the same perception of reality as us, being tech-savvy. So by giving them more options, you might (and probably will) create confusion.

So just keep that in mind. To help you, we set up default settings so if you’re not sure – Just keep the settings as they are!

Commenting For Admin User Role

While the previous feature discussed the permission for the WP Feedback user types, this feature is about the native WordPress user roles (These are 2 different things).

This is a half feature and half bug fix as the use for it came from misuse by some of our more eager users that skipped the initial backend onboarding sequence and locked themselves out of the plugin.

Basically, removing the Admin user role from using the plugin – which then locked all admins not only from the comments part but from the entire plugin, including the settings screens.

To tackle this issue, we removed the admin role from the User Roles box and added a checkbox that will restrict admins from commenting and managing tasks but still allow access to the settings and permissions screens.

Please note that the access is also dependant on the WP Feedback User Type that should be set to “Webmaster” (We don’t want clients to be able to mess with the settings and permissions screens).

To set this up, you can visit the WordPress Dashboard >> Users >> My Profile >> Scroll down to the WP Feedback section >> Set the user type as “Webmaster”.

Bug Fixes

This week – after a surge of signups to the service, our support team was working with some of our users to tackle a few minor issues that needed sorting out.

As always, any bug fixes we sort out for a single user is added to the tool on the upcoming update so that it never happens again to anyone else.

Here’s what we fixed this week:

  • Removing sites from your license –When manually deactivating a site, it will not re-add it automatically even if the license is valid. If you do want to re-add the website, you will need to manually add the domain to your account on our site and access for the domain will be given (as long as you have enough domains within the license you purchased).
  • General Tasks restricted to 5 pages in the dropdown – Whenever a user was trying to add a “General Task” from the backend “Tasks Center” tab by clicking “+ General Task” button, a complete list of pages were not visible in the dropdown “General Task: Choose a page/post to comment” to choose a page to create a general task. This was because of an SQL logical error. This has now been fixed.
  • Firefox Delete task – In the Firefox browser, the delete task button was taking the user to a new page with javascript:void(0) error. This is now fixed.
  • File uploads – Files with the same name were not able to upload consecutively (without reload), this is now fixed.
  • Close X button – The popup close “X” was not closing the popover for some users, we changed the way this works to make sure it’s working smoothly now.
  • Multisite Admin Access – On Multi-Sites, due to a code glitch, the site administrator was not able to access the “Tasks” page. This was because of the name of the main menu ID as well as function name for the task tab were same. Not the labels for both of them are changed and the site administrator is able to access the Tasks page.
  • Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme – There were some CSS conflicts – This was now fixed.

What’s next?

Well, we’re already deep in the works of our centralised dashboard – Which will be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE step up for the product – Basically replacing the need for a support desk or a project management system as you will be able to track tasks, tickets and what each of your team members are doing across your network of websites in the deepest and most precise way EVER.

This means that we need to go under for a couple of weeks as we’re building the integration between the plugin and the cloud system.

We’ll probably continue releasing bug fixes, security updates and translations as usual, but in terms of features, we’re working on a few massive things that will take more than 1 week to deliver.

Exciting times!!!

Don’t forget to join us on the Facebook Group as we’ll be discussing the new Cloud application and showcase what we’re working on as we progress ❤

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