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WP FeedBack – Ninja Forms Compatibility

This week we have a small update while we’re working on some meaningful features that will be released on the upcoming updates.

As we’re releasing updates on a rapid pace, our support desk has very much calmed down, which allows us to revisit some features we built in the past couple of months and make things even better.

This included a smoother mobile view for our Tasks Center and Frontend login feature as well as a complete overhaul to the style on the various languages we added over the past few months.

Graphic Designs Approvals

While the dashboard development is progressing exactly as planned and on time to be released as a beta in the next few weeks, we also started working on a highly requested feature to allow you to use the same visual feedback logic on graphic designs you’re creating for your clients.

Palying with the responsive view of the upcoming feature.

You will be able to upload an image and share it with your clients to get feedback and revise the item until it’s perfect.
Tracking revisions and allowing clients (and you) to give feedback on any device so that you can simply send a link and give feedback on the go through your phone.

Official Sponsor of WCUS

We’re also proud to announce that we’re now sponsoring WordCamp US in November!
This is our first sponsorship and we wanted to make it count!

WP Feedback and WordCamp US 2019
Click the image to see the awesome introduction they set up for us on the WordCamp US site.

I love our community and I’m super excited to be able to give back in a whole new way.
I’ll also be attending the event (Vito) and would love to meet each and every one of you so please do comment below to let me know you’re coming or reach out on our Facebook Community group

What’s Included This Week


  • Ninja Forms – When trying to create a task on a field within a form, it set the task in the middle of the form, as a global task for the entire form. Now you can create tasks on each of the elements within Ninja Forms, for a deeper level of detail and communication.
  • Divi child theme – The html element targeting was not working properly and it sprinkled the tasks with same number over the element creating a jQuery conflict – This is now fixed.
  • WP All Import – WP All Import’s Import feature was not working since the drag and drop to select the fields (to be imported) creating a jQuery conflict – This is now fixed.


  • Italian and Brazilian Portuguese Translations were added.
  • CSS issues on some translations – As some languages like to 10x the carachters on some words ?, some of the elements looked a bit wanky. We did a full overhaul of all the CSS for each of the languages we added over the past few months.
  • Translated Emails, including RTL support – We went through all of the languages we added to make sure the emails looks and work smoothly.

Bug Fixes

  • CSS fixes – In addition to the CSS on the other languages, we had another look through the entire style sheet to fix small issues and made things even smoother for mobile screens.
  • Sidebar buttons – Opening a new tab instead of opening a sidebar – There was a custom theme which was overriding all the anchor tabs target with target=”_blank” which made our sidebar button to open a new window instead of opening a sidebar. Now added a fix so any such custom code will not be able to override our sidebar buttons.
  • YouTube video embeds inside tasks – Youtube videos were not visible instantly when task was created using youtube link – For Frontend Popovers. Showing the embeded video only after refresh – Now the video will appear instantly as soon as you paste the URL and hit the comment button.
    Also, in the Tasks Center, the videos were just showing the URL instead of the embedded video, this is now fixed.
  • Quotes in comments – Adding quotes (“”) inside comments were rendered as additional charachters inside the comments. This is now fixed.

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