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WP FeedBack 1.1.4 – Automated Screenshots

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

This week we have a few interesting features for you all!

While we’re progressing on 2 big updates that are coming in the upcoming weeks, any spare time the team has (after done with support), we’re hard at work enhancing our existing features.

In the upcoming weeks, we’re releasing the first version of our cloud applications – the Centralised Dashboard – That will allow you to sync your entire network of WordPress sites into one place. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as we believe that this dashboard is going to change the way you, I and the rest of the WordPress community will eventually talk to clients.

This project will be done in stages and like the plugin, will get regular updates and additional features, based on our vision and our users’ requests.

We’re also progressing on the Graphic Design Feedback Tool, that will allow you to do pretty much the same things we’ve been doing on the live website, just on an image-based design. So you can collaborate on wireframes, screen and feature mockups, logos, flyers and other graphic designs you may create.

But for now, we have some exciting advancements this week:

Automated Screenshots

Whenever a new task is created a screenshot is automatically generated and added to the comments feed. To start the conversation with the highest level of clarity, well, ever.

Auto Screenshots in action

Sometimes, you can’t rely on the client to click that screenshot button.

So you flick this on, specifically for clients. 

Auto Screenshot added to the permissions options

With our permissions board, you can choose the type of users (Webmaster, Client, Others, Guests) that will have this on, for perfect control, without any excess storage space used.

Remove plugin data after delete

While we recommend keeping the data stored on the website, just in case, we’re preparing for the Centralised Dashboard that will allow you to have off-site records and allow you to clean the site up from tasks and comments.

We also had multiple requests for this option so we decided to expedite it based on your feedback.

This feature allows you to tick a box in the Settings screen that will clean up your folders and database from traces of the plugin.

It will be off by default, but please make sure it’s not on just in case. 

I wouldn’t want you losing full conversations with your clients.

“Orphaned Tasks”

As you’re designing the site and iterating based on your client’s requests, you’ll probably move elements around or even delete full sections from the design.

What will happen to the tasks that were previously pinned to a specific HTML element?

Our initial approach was to move the task to the next closest item automatically, but as we’re gaining more and more users we’re seeing endless possibilities for which the task needs to consider when deciding where to move. Which caused the task sticker to appear in some weird places some times.

So from now, every time a task can’t find it’s parent, it becomes a General Task, which are tasks that are not assigned to a specific element on the page.

“Orphaned Tasks” become “General Tasks”

This means that the task will still appear on the sidebar but not messing up the page.

This is step 1 out of a 2 step process for this feature.

On an upcoming update, we’re enabling the option of Re-Mapping Tasks. So that with a click of a button, you can select a new “Parent” or HTML element to attach the existing task. 

Other things Included This Week

Additional Feature

  • Line break between comments inside the email notifications – We added a clear line break after each comment when you’re recieving a full thread of comments inside the email notifications. So it’s nicer to read through the comments feed.


  • Swedish Translations were added.
  • Austrain German (Deutsch österreich) is now allowed based on the general German translation.
  • Language settings per user – Until now, the plugin would look at the default language settings of the site and present the relevant translation if we have it available. Now, the language will be set by the individual user language settings (inside each user’s WordPress profile). This means that you can use the plugin with the language each users chooses.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Screenshots – For some users, clicking any of the screenshots inside the task feeds create a loop and opened multiple screens with the screenshot. This is now fixed.
  • Enhanced Screenshot feature – The function of taking screenshots was not including images from 3rd party links. This is now fixed.
  • Tooltip conflicts – For some users, the tooltips we are using inside the settings screen created problem with other plugins in the backend. This is now fixed.
  • Page Title – Created issues with the functioning of plugin when there were quotes (example It’s) in the page title. This is now fixed.
    Admin side theme listing page design issue with theme name was not showing properly. This is now fixed.


  • Conflict theme (YOOtheme ) with our plugin popup box not visible in the frontend, it couldn’t open the comments popup box, because of some CSS conflict with our plugin. This is now fixed.
  • Conflict plugin with ACF plugin (Date & time picker fields) – Conflict between our plugin’s javascript and ACF plugin’s Date & time picker fields. This is now fixed.

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