WP FeedBack – Remap Tasks 2

WP FeedBack – Remap Tasks

This has been a requested feature by many of our users, and we are proud to announce it’s finally here! πŸš€

Watch a walkthrough of the new remapping feature

I’m happy to finally be rolling the remapping feature out into WP FeedBack!

This has been requested many times and it’s easy to see why, now it’s implemented you can keep track of all tasks with absolute accuracy.

A section has been moved? Now instead of a task only becoming a general task and you having no other options, you can easily drag and drop the pin on the section again to remap the task.

An element gets deleted with a task attached? It will become a general task and you can then remap it to the page or leave it as a general task if you wish.

Your client has pinned a task on the wrong element when compared to their comment? Now you can map it correctly on the page, instead of deleting and recreating.

We are hoping this will make talking with your clients even more efficient and enable you to keep everything in order! We’ve got loads of other features coming, including our centralised dashboard in a few weeks, so keep an eye out! πŸ‘€

New Feature

  • Remapping
    • Click on pins in the sidebar on the front-end.
    • The pin will be attached to your mouse and will enter comment mode.
    • Click on the section where you’d like to task to be remapped to.
    • This can be done with “orphaned” tasks and general tasks.
    • If a section is deleted or moved with a task attached, this is when a task is “orphaned”.
  • Email Notifications
    • Changed some of the wording to better explain what these settings are for.
    • Added a tool tip to further explain what the check boxes are for as this was confusing before.
  • Dashboard beta
    • Added some functionality so we can start inviting users to the dashboard beta πŸš€

Bug Fixes

  • License Validation – 
    • The issue of license’s not verifying when our website goes down has been fixed.
    • There was a compatibility issue with WMPL constantly trying to validate the license repeatedly, this has been fixed.
    • When cloning a website, the previously validated license would not work on the cloned version. This has been fixed.
  • Compatibility Issues –
    • Issue with the new graphic tool and oxygen, this has been fixed.
    • The theme Avada is now fully compatible.
    • Quick view was not working with Salestheme Pro, this has been fixed so you no longer have to disabled WP FeedBack for it to work.
  • Translations –
    • Small issue with the French translations of some emails, this has been fixed.
  • Front-end –
    • When guest mode is enabled, visitors to the website can no longer see uploaded files to any tasks. This is to address security issues.
  • Back-End
    • Fixed an issue with filtering in the task center.
    • Added alt tags to the logo to stop errors in reports of a website.