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WP FeedBack 1.1.7 – 1 Click Login

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

Managing multiple websites can often be an administrative nightmare.
Where you find yourself jumping between website to website to help clients or keep things up to date.

After building more than 250+ websites for clients, I sometimes can’t even remember the domain name of the sites we created at the agency.
I’m not even talking about remembering passwords or even sharing them among the team.

Sure, we’re using LastPass which is an awesome solution for managing passwords, but with so many websites to worry about not everything stays 100% up to date.

Plus, you might not be considering this, but how many times have you gone to a homepage of a site, typed in “/wp-admin”, added the logins details, that redirected you to the WP dashboard in the backend, then you click the home link and only then navigate to the page you wanted to work on?

When managing multiple sites, you’re probably repeating this process at least 5 times every day. It’s like muscle memory by this point but it’s still costing you time.

Funny enough, this is costing you thousands of dollars

It takes about 2 minutes to go through the above process, which means that at least 10 minutes every day are spent on login-in to sites you or your team built. Which means 4 hours every month.

At a basic agency rate($60 per hour), we’re talking about $2,880 per year, going down the drain!

As you know, our game is to save you clicks, so you can save time on mind-numbing repetitive tasks, which in turn saves you money and keeps you on the creative side of things rather than being a pencil pusher.

That’s why I’m proud to introduce our single-click login.

Single click login

As you open the page, our encrypted token will log you into the site instantly.

This wasn’t an easy thing to accomplish.

Passwords are there for a reason and it’s very important to us that we can keep our tool and your network of website tightly secured.

Our auto-login feature passes through 3 different steps of authentication to make it secure. The request will originate from the dashboard and reach the website with an access token. The access token will be generated by the Dashboard specifically for the website and will not get attached to any other requests. Once on the website, the plugin will send the request back to the Dashboard to re-verify the access token with respect to the website the request is coming from. The user will be logged in only once the Dashboard sends a green signal to the website back.

We are transmitting the data and authenticating it using the hash key, which we make sure that the request is coming from the proper source (website/dashboard). The multiple verifications of the token, as well as the request, will make it more secure and hack-proof.

Re-Sync Dashboard Button

Another cool feature that we added this week is the “Re-Sync Dashboard” option.

This feature is meant to help with any disconnects that might occur and potential issues of syncing the tasks between the website and the dashboard.

There could be a few potential issues like restrictions from the servers and perhaps a few plugin conflicts with your stack.

The single-click should fix the problem, but just in case, we’re here for you at support@wpfeedback.co

The new “Resync Dashboard” button

We are hoping this will make talking with your clients even more efficient and enable you to keep everything in order! We’ve got loads of other features coming, so keep an eye out! ?

New Features

  • Auto Login Feature for Dashboard
    We have implemented 2 way handshaked token based authentication.
    • Dashboard will generate the token for website and reach the website through URL.
    • On website, the Token will sent back to Dashboard again with our Enryption and Hash Authntication (for source verification).
    • Dashboard will verify the Token against the website and authenticate if login permission should be grated to the request or not.
    • Thus making the login feature secure and hack proof.
  • Resync dashboard feature in plugin setting tab – We have added the button “Resync Dashboard” on the Settings tab. It is used to resync OR connect the website with the dashboard.
    Currently it will be only displayed on the plugins with wpfeedback’s license.

Bug Fixes

  • The real time status, as well as priority/urgency update, does not seem to be working on the sidebar – The status as well as prioirty changes in tasks were not been communicated to the websites from dashboard. This has now been fixed.
  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mw_enqueue_color_picker() – Was conflicting with the the other general functions on theme.
    Now changed the fuction name to unique wpf_enqueue_color_picker() to resolve the conflict.
  • Dashboard screenshot issue – Earlier we were storing the first website screenshot on the website itself while syncing with dashboard. It created issues with few websites with permission issues and halted the dashboard sync process.
    We have now shifted the screenshot feature to the dashboard itself. Now the screeenshots of websites will be stored on dashboard itself.
  • Sites not connecting to the dashboard when site name empty – The dashboard sync process was not working properly if sitename was not defined.
    We have now fixed so even an empty sitename website will be synced with dashboard.

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