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WP FeedBack 1.1.8 – Global Settings

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

We are proud to announce that we have implemented global settings on our centralized dashboard ??

Our aim with the dashboard is to make sure you can manage all of your client’s websites with the utmost efficiency and the global settings does just that.

Never waste time on setting up again

Let’s imagine for a minute that you have 100 websites you are providing support to using WP FeedBack (or maybe you already do and you don’t need to imagine, if so congrats!).

Installing our tool on every single one and then having to configure the settings can really be a pain, or imagine your notification email needs to be changed for every single one. Now, with the global settings inside the centralized dashboard, you can set everything up once and then inside the plugin settings on the website, enable global settings!

This also works for any changes you need to make to the settings, like notification emails etc.

Cleaning up the design

As we want the dashboard to be as slick to use as possible, we decided to completely revamp the design; taking inspiration from the minimal design of most apps that are out at the moment.

The task center went from this:

This this:

As time goes on we will continue to update the design until we feel like it’s perfect!

The Details

New Features

  • Global Settings
    From the dashboard you can now setup global settings
    • The settings screen is now accessible in the dashboard (the cog in the top right).
    • It has all of the same settings as the plugin settings.
    • Once you’ve set them, any website added to your dashboard can now use these settings.
    • In the plugin settings on each website, there is a toggle to use the global settings or the present plugin settings.
    • If you choose to use global settings, then disable them, you will be left with the current setup, you can then change if you’d like.
  • Dashboard design update
    • We’ve changed the design of the dashboard massively.
    • The top bar now has our gradient design making it feel less flat.
    • We reduced the size of the task pins inside the task dashboard as this number is not particularly useful.
    • Added icons and tags that let you know the status and urgency of a task from a first glance.
    • Removed the previous icons if there were no tasks found and replaced with much nicer place holders.
    • You can now re-sync websites on the dashboard by hovering over the thumbnail on the task center.
    • A zero 0 is no longer shown in the case where no tasks exist, if you have no tasks it will have a tick instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Comments not showing on some sites – This was because for some sites the status of comments was set to NULL by default which made them not appear on the tasks. We fixed it by setting all the WP FeedBack comments to “Publish” by default.
  • French Translation – There was an error in the French translation to do with the time of when a comment had been posted, this has been corrected.
  • Profile Edit –This was because of in our security check we were filtering and only allowing the WP FeedBack settings to update if proper values were posted.
  • WP Feedback Support email – Due to some error the email notifications were not working when new reply / comment were being added from the Task Center in the backend. This is now fixed.
  • Minor incompatibility – There was an incompatibility issue with Unlimited Elements for Elementor, this has been fixed.
  • Woocommerce conflict – Products were unable to be quick edited when WP FeedBack was active, this has been fixed.

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