WP FeedBack 1.1.9 - Re-vamp Onboarding, Custom Tags & Editable Task Titles 2

WP FeedBack 1.1.9 – Re-vamp Onboarding, Custom Tags & Editable Task Titles

Woohoo! Today, it’s been 6 months since we launched WP FeedBack!

Very exciting to be where I am today and I feel very grateful for all that has happened over the past 6 months 🙌

With this milestone we are launching a dew new interesting features today as well as updating some of the existing features from all we learned over the past 6 months.

Not sure what’s new

Since we’re building at a pretty rapid pace, it’s easy to miss a new feature or sometimes get confused when a feature moved or changed.

So we felt it was time to revamp our onboarding process.

Especially now with the new Centralised Dashboard, we wanna make sure that you’re utilising the full potential of our tool!

WP FeedBack 1.1.9 - Re-vamp Onboarding, Custom Tags & Editable Task Titles 3
The new process, looks complex, but you just need to click “NEXT” 🤓

We’re continuing with out mantra of “Eat your clients’ complications”, which we apply to eating your complications but also your clients’ complications.

As the tool evolves, there’s more and more that you can do with it so instead of a long discovery process, we crammed it into a short Product Tour that will help go from nothing is installed/set up to “up and running” in 4 minutes (watch the video above).

And of course, we have other cool features that we’re excited to add to the platfrom this week. Here are all the details!

The Details

New Features

  • Custom Tags
    You can now add custom tags to each and every task. This can be found in the “addtional details” tab in the front end and within the “Attributes” section in the backend’s Task Center.
    Only webmasters can add the tags as of now.
    This feature is done in a few stages:
    • Stage 1 – Now launched – Adding the basic function with auto search as you type in the field.
    • Stage 2 – Allowing you to choose “Custom Tags” on the “Permissions” screen.
    • Stage 3 – Along with the upcoming Sidebard redesign, you will have a quick view of the tags assigned to each task.
    • Stage 4 – Along with our upcoming search feature, will allow you to search and see tasks based on tags.
  • Edit Task Title – Edit title in place through the task center in the backend.


  • Czech translation added to the plugin.

Bug Fixes

  • Admin users should all have “Webmaster” capabilities if “User Type” is not setup.
    As of now administrators (other users who did not setup the plugin) did not have the “Webmasters” access if they did not setup their user type from the frontend onboarding. That was leading to confusion as administrator users did not have rights to the settings screen of the plugin. We have now changed this so thet administrator users can access all the tabs of the backend (if they did not select any user type or have not yet performed frontend onboarding)
  • Issue with previewing tasks in task centre and conflict with latest microthemer plugin version
    • Issue 1 â€“ Issues with previewing tasks
      Comments were not listed in the tasks since the custom development on the website restricted the comments with “comment_approved” value NULL. Now we have modified the code so that comments related to tasks will be stored with value of “comment_approved” as 1.
    • Issue 2 â€“ conflict with latest microthemer plugin version
      Resolved by modifying the CSS.
  • WP Feedback Support – Small typo â€“ Typo error “contol” instead of “control” in the settings page under “General Settings” section.
  • Task Deletion â€“ When “The Client” was unchecked from “Delete Tasks” in the “Restriction” screen, they couldn’t even delete their own tasks. This is now fixed.


  • The7 â€“ Users couldn’t open the widgets sections. This is now resolved.
  • Avada – Bootstrap conflict with AVADA themeAVADA popup was not opening due to conflicts with WP FeedBack. Now it is resolved.
  • BeTheme (Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme) â€“ There was a CSS conflict with BeTheme which was restricting the users from uploading the file on the task in the frontend. This is now resolved.
  • CiviCRM Plugin â€“ CiviCRM’s plugin’s popup were broken when WP FeedBack was active on the backend. This is now resolved.

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