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WP FeedBack 1.2 – Full Redesign + Bug Fixes

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

Happy holidays everyone!

We have an awesome milestone we’re hitting with this update.
After 25 updates in the past 6 months, we felt it’s time to wrap up the year with the ” .2 “.

To celebrate that, we completely redesigned the tool!

After building fast over the past months, we felt that the UI has become a little overwhelming, with new options “shouting” at you from every corner of the tool.

We want to keep adding new features in the upcoming year and we needed a design that will allow us to do that, without confusing you or your clients.

The Popover

The popover was pretty much there, but this is what we did:

  • Removing the Exo font, to fit better on every website.
  • Darkening the greys so that they comply with contrast guidelines.
  • Adjusting the way the text is displayed to increase readability.
  • Changing the “Upload” icon to “Attachment” icon.
  • Collapsible tabs – You can now open and close the tabs (rather than just open).

The Sidebar

The sidebar needed the most work as this became a more substantial feature than we originally expected, so here’s what we did:

  • Removed unnecessary colors to give a cleaner view.
  • Removed ALL the buttons that were shown at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Added a tabs system, similiar to the popover, with all the options we had before, nicely tucked away so they’re available only when needed.
  • Additional info in quick view – When you hover over the right side of each task, you get a quick view of the Type of task (On page, General Task, Admin side Task, Graphic Task), the Status and Priority of each task, as well as the Custom Tags that you added to each task.
  • Inside the visibility tab, you can choose to show all the meta details without the need to hover over each one.
  • Active state – For better orientation, when a task is open (the popover is visible), it will mark that it is on the sidebar.
  • Remapping tool – When you hover over the Task Numbers on the sidebar, you will see an orange “move” icon. Clicking it, will switch to re-map mode so that you can place the task where ever it’s needed on the page.
  • General task – We made this smaller and not as prominent as the + icon (for the standard tasks). To clarify that the first priority is to create tasks by choosing an element on the page rather than as a General Task. We also added a little note inside to clarify this further.
  • White Label – When you now add your logo and choose to hide our “Powered By” link, it will add your own logo to the footer of the sidebar. Be sure to check the “General Settings” option on your dashboard, where you can create global rules for ALL of your websites.
A quick view of the meta details for each task.

The Tasks Center

To continue on the redesign, we’ve also updated the look of the backend’s tasks center:

The Tasks Center

What else was done?

Bug Fixes

  • Check mark the completed task on the backend without page reload.
    Mark the task bubble as complete as soon as status was changed from the backend. (Without page reload)
  • List the Admin Tasks in the dashboard as well – edit the wpf_api_func_get_tasks() in wp_api.php
    Admin tasks were not listed on the Dashboard (https://app.wpfeedback.co/ ). This is not fixed.
  • Czech Translation – Fix the Czech language translation issues in the emails, mentioned by Patrik
  • Sidebar task status filter not working when instant change task status – On frontend sidebar the filter was not working properly for the tasks which had the status updated in the same session (without reloading the page). This is now fixed.
    So now if status of “Task X” is changed to “Pending” and user selects the “Pending” in the Status Filter, then the task will be included in the search.


  • Compatibility issue with the “Fancy Lightbox plugin”–  404 as well as other console errors when the plugin is active.
    • There were couple of PHP Notice displayed (only when DEBUG mode was ON). We have resolved them now.
    • Tabs were not working on the “Fancy Lightbox Plugin” when WP FeedBack was active. We have resolved the issue now.
  • Issue with CiviCRM screens not loading properly (other screen) – Issue related to the bootstrap where design was not proper on the popup related to the CiviCRM. This is now fixed.
  • Beaver Builder Mega Menu – Conflict with Beaver Builder Mega Menu with our EDD function, because Builder Mega Menu used the same function name as our EDD function name in the Wpfeedback plugin.
  • Astra + Elementor – Compatibility issue with the Astra + Elementor on the login popup. (Design issue). This is now fixed.

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