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Version 2.3 – Time Entries, Stacked Timers, Sortable Websites and Tasks, Responsive Mode, and more…

Q3 is almost coming to an end and I hope you’re having a great month so far! ?Some really cool features were added to this release so all that is left for you guys to do is implement within your agency!


 [New Screen] Time Entries – Allowing you to manage all the time that you and your team have tracked, filter for different scenarios, create new time entries, set billable/non-billable, and export brandable timesheet reports to PDF [New] Stacked timers – You can now run multiple time trackers for different tasks, stacking them up until you convert them to billable/non-billable time entries. [New] Sortable websites and tasks – Within the Task Center and within the Boards, you can now sort websites lists and task lists for easy access and better workflows. See tasks/websites with the latest activity, sort based on urgency, time added, and more. [Upgrade] We’re preparing the Global Settings screen for a few new additions on the upcoming releases, so it received a slight redesign for improved usability.[Upgrade] You can now delete files directly from within the Agency Dashboard.


 [New] Responsive Mode – this was a highly requested feature – You and your clients can now view the screen in different screen sizes (desktop/tablet/mobile) to experience the different design breakpoints and collaborate on it.


  • Some themes changed the colors of the sidebar tabs.
  • For some users, the “Default Users” dropdowns were showing empty.
  • For some users, when a task became “orphaned”, users couldn’t leave comments on the task.
  • When deleting a user on WordPress, it was showing a blank line in the “Default Users” dropdowns.
  • For some users with old tasks (pre ver2.0) the task numbers on the “All Pages” and “Backend” sidebar tabs were showing big numbers.
  • Tasks in the “All Pages” tab in the sidebar were sometimes showing under different time spans (tasks from today showing under “Yesterday”, for example)
  • [Compatibility] With Litespeed Servers, that was blocking some of our scripts
  • [Compatibility] With websites that have deregistered jQuery

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