Version 2.4 – Deep Zapier Integration, File Uploads, Hello Theme compatibility, and a lot more! 2

Version 2.4 – Deep Zapier Integration, File Uploads, Hello Theme compatibility, and a lot more!

I’m really excited about our new Zapier integration that literally opens us to the world and the possibilities are now endless!
Thanks to all the initial testers for the integration, your feedback was awesome! The next integration batch is currently in development (Webhooks) and after this, we will tackle Integromat.


✅ [New] Zapier Integration – Allowing you to connect to 3,000+ apps for uber systemization of your workflow. Visit the Settings screen within the Agency Dashboard for the invite link and API key.

✅ [New] File Uploads – You can now upload files directly inside the Agency Dashboard.

✅ [Upgrade] Refresh Website Thumbnail – We removed the sync button from the Agency Dashboard as it is no longer required and fully automated. We did keep the option to re-generate the website thumbnail in the Websites screen


✅ [Back] General Task Badge – You can now see which tasks are “General Tasks” (not bound to a location on the page) inside the sidebar and within the plugin’s Task Center

✅ [Upgrade] Naming Conventions on Activities – When you change status/priority/tags from the Agency Dashboard, we’re now using the name of the Default Webmaster instead of the Internal Atarim user that made the change so that we don’t expose your freelancers/subcontractors to your clients.

✅ [Upgrade] Auto & Manual Daily & Weekly Reports – Are now going to the “Additional Email Addresses” that are set up within the settings screen, not only to the relevant people.

✅ [Upgrade] Email Notification Names – So far the email notification shows the “username”, now they are showing the first name of the user that triggered the notification, this is IF a first name is set for that user within WordPress.


  • Hello theme compatibility fixes.
  • Tasks becoming orphaned – Added optimization.
  • Divi compatibility after their big update.
  • Task Center freezes if tasks are in some other language.
  • Support links changed taking you to our new support screen:
  • Fixed the video on the wizard.

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