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Version 2.6 – Internal Tasks, Email Notification Upgrade & Bug Fixes

We’ve got some pretty exciting additions and upgrades in this one!

Aside from a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, we have a brand new feature (internal tasks) and we’ve completely overhauled the design of all email notification templates, as well as a brand new reply function to the notifications.

This is the perfect update to kick-start 2022, and to say we’ve got some cool stuff planned for the coming months would be an understatement.

Let’s see what internal tasks and the new emails are all about shall we?

Keep Your Team & Client Tasks Seperate

In 2.6 you now have the ability to create what we call “Internal Tasks”. You can create them from both the front-end of your client’s website and your Agency Dashboard (by creating a general task in the Inbox or Boards section).

When you create a task, you’ll notice a new icon, this essentially is the same as clicking on the “Add Comment” button except it creates an internal task. You can also toggle this on and off for tasks by clicking this icon again once a task has been created.

Internal Tasks can only be seen by users that are set as Webmaster inside their WordPress profile on the website. This is to give you the ability to create tasks that do not concern your clients for you and your team.

We will be expanding on this functionality in future, where you’ll be able to create task lists inside the Agency Dashboard that are not even part of the website, more on this in the coming month.

Email Notification Upgrades

We have completely redesigned all email notifications to not only make them better to look at, but also to contain more information to make them even more useful.

Inside task notification emails, for instance when a new comment has been made or when a task has been completed, we have included the automatic screenshot that was generated when the task was created, giving even more clarity when looking at them for updates.

The best part: when replying to a task notification email, the reply is entered as a comment into the task that fired the notification.

This makes it super quick and easy for your clients to respond to task notifications without them needing to go to the task itself, as well as having all information needed with the automatic screenshot of the task ?.

We will continue to add functionality and updates to the email notifications to make them awesome to use.

Let’s see what else we have in version 2.6!

New Features + Improvements

✅ [New] Internal Tasks 
You can now create tasks that can only be seen by Webmasters on both the Client Interface Plugin and the Agency Dashboard making it super easy to talk internally with your team on tasks that do not concern your clients. You can toggle tasks between normal and internal with a new icon on tasks.

✅ [Improvement] Email Redesign
All email notifications have been redesigned to include more information and white label settings, making them even more usefull.

✅ [Improvement] Upgraded licensing system
We’ve completely moved functionality of website slots to the Agency Dashboard, meaning that now if you want to free up slots, all you need to do is archive a website.

✅ [New] Email Signature
You can now add an email signature to emails that are sent from inside the Agency Dashboard, giving you more customization and personalization.

✅ [New] Autologin to WP
On the your Agency Dashboard Inbox and Boards screen, you can automatically login to the WordPress Admin of a website by clicking the arrow next to the website name, saving you loads of time.

Bug Fixes & Notices:

  • Email Limits – On some accounts emails were being spammed, clogging up our system. We’ve set a limit of 500 emails and 2000 emails for Agency plans per day as a fail safe.
  • Agency Dashboard Link Sharing – Sharing a link to the Agency Dashboard sometimes took you to the wrong place, this has been fixed.
  • Responsive fix – previously you could not see the open task button on tablet, this has been fixed.
  • Activity feed – Comments created in guest mode were showing on the activity feed of the Agency Dashbard, this has been fixed
  • General task tag – adding a general task was not adding the tag to the sidebar of the Client Interface Plugin, this has been fixed.
  • Timer Display Issue – The interface for a timer was showing the incorrect amount of time spent on a task (this did not affect the actual logged time), this has been fixed.
  • Graphics In Guest Mode – Sometimes graphics were not accessible even with guest mode turned on, this has been fixed.
  • WPML Bug – Activating a website did not work correctly if WPML was installed, this has been fixed.
  • Boards Tasks Bug – Tasks from archived sites were still showing on boards when clicking on “all sites”, this has been fixed.
  • Open Task Button – When clicking this button sometimes tasks were not automatically opening when the page loads, this has been fixed.
  • Task Details – Sometimes task details were not loading when clicking a sticker on the front-end of a website, this has been fixed.

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