Ver 3.4 is LIVE – Image Based Collaboration, Persistent Guest Login & New Filters

As we continue down the route of making Atarim a full suite of tools for you to manage all of the work you are doing internally for your clients, we are super excited for the release of 3.4; with the release of the long awaited “Image-Based Collaboration”.

We’ve also included some more quality of life additions with persistent guest login, and filters to help you find what you need even quicker.

Image-Based Collaboration

You can now add images to your Atarim Dashboard using the new “Add Design” button on the assets screen. This follows the same core functionality as collaborating with the plugin on WordPress websites or a URL, where you can leave requests directly on the canvas!

However, with image-based collaboration, you have a few more handy features which create an iterative design flow when working on website mockups, branding and any other designs you and your team are making!

Adding Designs

When you add a design, this creates a new asset on your Atarim Dashboard.

Inside this asset, you have the option to add as many more designs as you please with the left sidebar (unlimited designs are only avaliable on our paid plans, you have a maximum of 5 on free plans, view our plans here).

This is pefect if you are creating website page mockups for your clients, as you have the option to upload all mockups and keep them all neatly organized in one asset on your Atarim Dashboard.

Design Versions

For each design inside an asset, you can upload new versions. This is an amazing way to create an iterative design flow. For example, let’s say you upload a mockup of the homepage for your client, they view it and leave you feedback on what they think you should change…

You do all of the changes, and versions enables you to upload the latest version to the design inside the asset, which will then create version 2.

This allows you to quickly switch between both versions via a drop-down in the top-right, so your clients can easily see the progress you are making, creating an iterative design flow which is super easy for everyone involved to follow.

Hotspots For An Amazing Design Flow

By entering hotspot mode (the icon in the middle at the bottom), you can drag and drop red boxes over the canvas. This will show the hotspot creation pop-up, where you have the option to link this design to another inside this asset or to a section below based on the y in pixels.

If you are the type to create full website mockups in XD, Photoshop or Figma, you can now upload them all as designs and create the flow you intend to build with hotspots! This is perfect for showing you clients EXACTLY what your planning on building, so you can be 100% sure you are not wasting your time building something which will then be heavily changed later down the line.

Persistent Guest Login

Previously, when you invited your clients to collaborate on an asset, they could enter their name and start commenting as a guest. When they close the tab and come back, they would need to enter their name again.

We’ve completely upgraded this flow to enable a persistent guest login. Now, when your clients enter their name and start commenting, if they close the tab and come back, the app will recognize it’s them and keep the name they entered.

This makes it even easier to collaborate with your clients and stakeholders, giving them the option to bookmark the link and quickly come back!

More Filter Options

As we continue to add different types of items you can upload as assets to your Atarim Dashboard (right now including WordPress sites, sites added via URL and images), we’ve increased the number of filters on bunch of screens.

You can now filter ONLY image-based designs and show it in order of latest tasks first for example, making easier for you to find what you need!

Dashboard New

  • Image-based collaboration – You can now upload images to your Atarim Dashboard and visually collaborate on them, creating tasks directly on the canvas!
  • Unlimited designs – Inside each design asset, you can upload different designs to that single asset, perfect for showing all of the mockups for a new website or app in one place.
  • Design versions – As you iterate on specific designs inside an asset, upload new versions to show the journey of the design and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Hotspots – Create clickable sections on designs to link to other designs, empowering you to create the entire flow of your mockups!
  • New filters – As we increase the type of assets you can upload to the Atarim Dashboard (including WordPress websites, non-WP websites and images), we’ve made it possible for you to filter by type on a bunch of different screens.
  • Persistent guest login – Previously, people could enter their first name and collaborate as a guest, but they had to keep doing so when they came back to the page. Now, we save the first name and make it persistent, so they only need to do this once, making collaboration even easier.
  • Ad blocker notice – Having an ad blocker installed can mess with how sites are showing inside your browser on the Atarim Dashboard, however if you dismiss this notice, you will not see it again (use at your own risk ?).
  • Changed website to “Asset” – As we increase the type of things you can add to the Atarim Dashboard, we have changed the wording of “websites” to assets. Right now this includes, websites added with the WordPress plugin, websites added with a URL and designs uploaded.

Dashboard Bug Fixes

  • URL based collaboration – We are continuing to fix many small issues we’ve found (and reported by our amazing users) on websites added via URL, and will continue to do so every update!
  • Time entry counter – Time entries were not counting correctly inside the page, this has now been fixed.
  • Filtering list view – Filtering inside list view was not working as expected, this is now fixed.
  • Duplicate assets on list view – Some assets were showing twice in list view, this is now fixed.
  • Rendering non-English Characters – Non-english characters were not rendering correctly on websites added via URL, this is now fixed.

WordPress Plugin New

  • Pop-over design update – We’ve slightly updated the pop-over design for tasks, including the order of icons and color of the comment button.
  • Comments feed design update – We’ve changed the layout of the comments feed to make it more of a chat, by adding author images and aligning everything to the left.

WordPress Plugin Bug Fixes

  • Notes issue: Previously you could create a task with the first comment being a note, this has now been fixed.
  • Divi add-on conflict: There was a conflict with a Divi add-on that made page ID’s incorrect, this is now fixed.
  • Warnings generated by plugin code: A warning was showing in the WP admin due to some code inconsistencies, this has now been fixed.

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