Vito at The Agency Trailblazer Podcast 2

Vito at The Agency Trailblazer Podcast

Imagine your inbox filled with emails and nested conversations with your client. You wake up one morning to discover your task lists filled with poorly described issues.

Feeling the pain now? But there is HOPE!

Project management tools are designed to help you and your team communicate, yet can sometimes be off-putting to your clients who may be less tech minded.

There IS a way that we could help clients give us more effective feedback. Communicating on any project can be hard work!

In this podcast, I talked about how WP FeedBack can empower even the most non-tech clients to interact via WordPress directly in the areas they are talking about.

The Agency Trailblazer Podcast – Love Your Agency – WP Innovator
#222 – How to communicate with Clients – Vito Peleg

It was such a great experience to be part of The Agency Trailblazer Podcast, to share my journey and talk about client communications!

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