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WP FeedBack 1.2.1 – Stop sync to the Dashboard, reworked filters in the task list, WP Rocket compatibility, and more

Editor’s Note: Since the original production and publication date for the post you’re about to read – we’ve since rebranded from WP FeedBack to Atarim (learn more).

We have launched version 1.2.1 of WP FeedBack PRO on 18th of March! ?

In this update, we have included a whole lot of features that will make your lives easier and fixed issues related to the Auto-Report feature, font colors being overwritten, incompatibilites to other plugins, and a lot more.

WP FeedBack PRO is a constant work in progress, thanks to the amazing feedback we receive every single day from our lovely customers. We prioritize the feature requests for our releases and obviously strive to iron out as many bugs as we can with each new version.

Stop website from syncing to the Dashboard

Usually, every task you take on a website and every setting you change on a website in the plugin backend is getting syncronized to the Dashboard (https://app.wpfeedback.co). In some cases, however, it might make sense to not have a website sync to your dashboard.

This could be the case if you install WP FeedBack on a website you do for a charity purpose and don’t it to interfere with the paid projects you see in your Dashboard. You can now easily stop any website from syncing to your Dashboard in the plugin settings. Simply tick the box for “Do not add this website to your Dashboard” in the Permissions screen.

This will immediately stop all new tasks or settings changes from being sent to the Dashboard. If the website has been added to the Dashboard already, you’ll have to remove it manually though – we are working on automating this step for you too.

Apply filters in task list easier

When filtering the tasks in your Tasks Center, until now you had a button called “Filter” to trigger the filters you selected. From now on, this button is gone and filters are applied automatically, simply when you tick them. This will make filtering through your list much smoother and faster.

Update Overview

New Features

  • Added “Do not sync with dashboard” setting.
    • We now give you the option to selectively sync your websites with your Dashboard. In the plugin settings on your website, you can now tick a checkbox that will prevent tasks created on that page to sync into the Dashboard.
  • Automatically apply filters to your task list.
    • When filtering through the tasks in your Task Center, there is no “Filter” button anymore. Instead, tasks will now be filtered automatically, as soon as you apply filters by ticking the respective boxes.
  • Compatibility with the WP Rocket caching plugin.
    • Our plugin now automatically detects if WP Rocket is installed and automatically prevents our JavaScript and CSS files from being minified and grouped, to ensure full functionality even with caching through WP Rocket enabled.
  • Subtle design upgrades.
    • We ironed out some minor kinks in the design and updated the plugin with a more consistent look and feel. Circles are now the same size, we added subtle hover effects, and more tweaks to improve the design.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Auto Reports feature.
    • The reports were not sent properly to some users under certain circumstances. We have reworked this feature and can now ensure that Auto Reports will be sent correctly, following the permissions you’ve defined.
  • “Completed Task” sticker did not turn into green immediately.
    • Due to a design conflict, the color for completed tasks did not turn green immediately. This is now fixed.
  • Task status update email notification was not sent from “Tasks” tab in backend.
    • Email notifications stopped working when the tasks status was changed from the backend “Tasks” center. This is now fixed.
  • Popover font color overwritten by certain themes.
    • In some instances, themes were overwriting the font color in our comments popup, resulting in white color on white background. This is now resolved.
  • Screenshots contain an odd white “bar” when it is the first auto screenshot in the new task.
    • In certain situations, the first screenshot in a task would contain a white area. This is now resolved.
  • Ensured compatibility with the Optima Express IDX plugin.
    • Due to a jQuery conflict with the Optima Express IDX plugin, our popover HTML was broken. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed issue related to MailPoet.
    • The MailPoet plugin is overpowering our JavaScript and CSS, which prevents our plugin from working on the MailPoet backend sites. As a temporary fix, we have now excluded our plugin from the backend pages created by MailPoet.
  • Fixed issue related to Admin Menu Editor Pro.
    • The Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin is overpowering our JavaScript and CSS, which prevents our plugin from working on the Admin Menu Editor Pro backend sites. As a temporary fix, we have now excluded our plugin from the backend pages created by Admin Menu Editor Pro.
  • Fixed issue related to GeoDirectory.
    • The GeoDirectory plugin is overpowering our JavaScript and CSS, which prevents our plugin from working on the GeoDirectory backend sites. As a temporary fix, we have now excluded our plugin from the backend pages created by GeoDirectory.
  • Our logo was downloaded multiple times when the Global Settings were selected.
    • This is now fixed.
  • Fixed naming inconsistencies in our plugin backend.
    • When you’re growing as fast as we did, it’s easy to lose track of the seemingly small things. We double-checked our code for the correct spelling of our brand name and made it more consistent.

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