WP Feedback - Getting straight to the point, visually 2

WP Feedback – Getting straight to the point, visually

Use WP Feedback to allow your clients to visually submit feedback and requests directly on their own website, while keeping it all in one place.

I love talking to people, just ask my therapists (yes you read correctly, that is plural) and lucky for me, technology has given us so many different ways of keeping in touch.

Despite this, as a design agency having 10 projects on the go, with clients who all use different methods/software to communicate, suddenly you have the urge to dive head first into a brick wall (I’ve been there). I thought things would get easier?!

Above is a screenshot of a platform I was using to communicate with clients. As you can see, 7 requests were sent within the same hour, with 2 more emails from Google in there to tip me even further over the edge. He even sent me a couple of messages on WhatsApp to make sure I saw his bombardment of emails; by that point I thought he was just trying to torture me on purpose.

Now let’s take a peek at how a client would be able to submit these requests with WP Feedback, instead of sending 7 separate emails.

WP Feedback - Getting straight to the point, visually 3

With WP Feedback, your clients can leave comments directly on any element of their own website. They don’t need to create an account for any other platform, and neither do you. Now it’s easy as pie, your clients can get straight to the point.

No more wonky screenshots with annotations too small to read, no more calls for clarification on what part of the website they need changes on, and you can stop pulling your hair out…

I want some pie now for some reason? Oh and did I mention WP Feedback works with ANY theme or page builder, beautiful right?

With WP Feedback, when a client notices a mistake on their website, instead of angrily WhatsApping you at 2am, then calling you at 8am to make sure you read it (blue ticks always need to be off to keep your sanity), they can submit that angry request directly on their website easily.

WP Feedback - Getting straight to the point, visually 4

Now you can sleep without being interrupted, you could even do the unimaginable and turn your phone off…Although that might be going too far?

Submissions can even be given a priority setting, giving your clients the option to tell you that you need to hurry up and get something done without them having to hound you.

Screenshot he(ll)eaven 😒

Have you ever received a screenshot that was made in Paint? How did it make you feel? Shh no need for tears, I’m sorry I brought back some horrifying flashbacks.

To stop this disastrous practice from happening again, WP Feedback has a button that your clients can press to instantly take a screenshot of their current view, and to top it off, it also gives you the technical details of how they are viewing the page. Now you don’t have to waste time at your therapy session on the PTSD you’ve gained from the Paint-made screenshots (you can thank me later).

WP Feedback - Getting straight to the point, visually 5

And the best part about all of this; it’s all integrated straight into the dashboard on your client’s website.

WP Feedback - Getting straight to the point, visually 6

All tasks are organised inside the dashboard with filter options, allowing you to specify exactly what you’d like to see. Task settings can also be managed from the dashboard, including choosing who should be notified about changes to said task, the status and the urgency.

How is our team using the WP Feedback plugin you ask?

Collect website content:  We used to send Word Documents that were filled with placeholder text so the client knew exactly how long each section should be, do you think they ever followed it? If you answered yes then you’ve clearly gone insane. Now, they can see the content right in front of them, and how long it should be, it’s beautiful. It has saved so much time for both us and our clients.

Client revisions:  Once we’ve finished a design stage of a new project, the client goes through their website and creates tasks on anything that needs to be changed (and we never have to actually talk with them, dreamy right?).

Providing Ongoing Support:  Instead of having to solely use a ticketing system to provide ongoing support, WP Feedback gives the client the power to tell us what they need straight on their own website. With Zapier integration, we can then forward any tasks that are created straight to our ticketing system.

Now, if you’re like me and have multiple voices in your head all talking to you at once, I’m sure this is what they’re saying to you right now:

“I already have a system in place for talking with my clients, why would I replace it with WP Feedback?”

It’s great that you already have a system in place, but how many systems did you need to go through to get to your current one? And how happy are you with that system? My guess is that if you are still reading this article, there are some things you would happily change about how you communicate with clients right now.

Here at my agency, we’ve tried it all, and lost countless hours along the process. Once you go WP Feedback, you don’t go…back? I’m completely aware of every communication issue that is possible while trying to use all of the different types of systems out there, and that is why my team and I have developed WP Feedback.

We’ve made a plugin that WE want to use, otherwise what’s the point right? Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

Awesome 🧐

Here are the bombastic features you get to enjoy:

  • Fully integrated into WordPress – No need to feel like an elderly person with memory loss when you forget the password to your management software. With the added bonus of not having to remember your client’s password either when they inevitably forget it.

  • White Label – For every website you install WP Feedback on, you get to put your own sleek branding and colours, all with a few clicks of your mouse. Or put your client’s branding and make it a full part of their website.

  • Live Notifications – Make your clients think you’re the Flash by completing tasks the second they’re posted.

  • Easy Screenshots – A screenshot button is built right into the plugin, allowing your clients to simply click one button to attach it to the task. I know, it’s beautiful isn’t it? *tears up*

  • Collect tech specs – You won’t even have to bother your clients with asking them which screen size they’re finding an issue on, your homie WP Feedback has got you covered. 
  • Admin Side Commenting – You can even pin comments in the back-end of WordPress, allowing you to teach your clients how to use their website in a visual way!

  • Setup Wizards – When a user first visits their site after the plugin is installed, there’s a handy setup wizard to guide them through it.

  • Updates – We are constantly updating the plugin ensuring it will be the perfect solution to your client communications. You can also request features and discuss with us about future updates.

  • And many more…Check them out here! >> http://atarim.io


We have so many cool features coming in the future and we are constantly working on WP Feedback to make damn near perfect for your client communications!

If you want to try the plugin for yourself, we have a snazzy demo site here >> http://demo.wpfeedback.co

If you’re ready to streamline your client communications and save at least 3 hours a week, check this out >> http://atarim.io

How do you think WP Feedback could fit into your work flow? Let us know in the comments 👍

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