WP FeedBack PRO 1.4 – Bulk update tasks, a new way to share tasks and a bunch of bug fixes 2

WP FeedBack PRO 1.4 – Bulk update tasks, a new way to share tasks and a bunch of bug fixes

For WP FeedBack PRO update 1.4, we have a feature that has been heavily requested in the past: bulk updating the urgency and status of tasks!

We are super pumped to be releasing this update, as we’ve got also got a bunch of bug fixes and other ways to share pages and tasks.

Bulk Updates

Changing the status or urgency on multiple tasks can be unintuitive, especially if you want to mark all of the work you’ve done for the day as completed!

If you take a peak at your task center, you’ll notice underneath “Tasks Found”, we’ve added “Bulk Action” to make it much easier.

By clicking here, we will see all of the tasks that have been made on the website. You can select each task that needs to have it’s status or urgency changed.

WP FeedBack PRO 1.4 – Bulk update tasks, a new way to share tasks and a bunch of bug fixes 3

You also have the option to click “Edit All”, this will check every task on the website, you can then bulk update every tasks’ status and/or urgency.

This happens instantly, so there’s no waiting around!

You can also click show details on this screen, showing you a small snap shot of which status and urgency each task is currently set to.

We are all about saving you more time, and this feature will do just that.

A New Way To Share

The next feature we’ve added in 1.4, is the ability to share specific tasks or pages on the front-end of a website where you are using WP FeedBack PRO.

WP FeedBack PRO 1.4 – Bulk update tasks, a new way to share tasks and a bunch of bug fixes 4

By sending the link without checking “Remove Login Parameter”, when this link is clicked, the WP FeedBack PRO login pop-up will appear (this logo is replaced by your white label settings too!)

Once logged in, it will scroll to exactly where the task is on the page, this can be applied in a few awesome ways:

> You want to discuss a certain point internally with your a team member, instead of telling them where it is, send them a cheeky link!

> You want to direct your client to a specific point on the website.

> If you’re using guest mode for your client to use WP FeedBack PRO, simply click to remove the login parameter and the pop-up will not be triggered.

If instead you’d like to share an entire page, this functionality has also been added in the sidebar.

WP FeedBack PRO 1.4 – Bulk update tasks, a new way to share tasks and a bunch of bug fixes 5

You can also remove the login parameter from this link too!

Every feature we add is to save you time and increase your efficiency, this is always as the forefront of our minds when developing new features.

If you’d like to see our roadmap for what’s up next, make sure to check it out here: https://atarim.io/roadmap

Checkout our bug fixes below!

New Features

  • Bulk editing tasks
    • There is a new option in the task center called “Bulk Action”.
    • It can be found underneath “Tasks Found”.
    • You can see the details of each task by clicking on “Show Details”.
    • By clicking the check box, you choose which tasks you’d like to edit.
    • You can check the “Edit All”, this will select every task on the current website.
    • You can change the status and urgency or delete the selected task(s).
  • Sharing link
    • You can now share a specific task or page with the WP FeedBack PRO login pop-up.
    • On the pop-over tasks on the front-end, there is a new icon for sharing.
    • There is a button to copy the link, and a check box to remove the login parameter (this is useful if using guest mode with your client).
    • This link takes you directly to the task you are copying the link from.
    • We’ve also added the ability to share a page with the share icon in the sidebar.
    • Same functionality as pop-over applies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fallback mechanism for license validation
  • Task listing issue on the WP FeedBack Graphics posts
    • Only the last task on the graphics tab was visible and other tasks were not loading. This issue was inserted in the version 1.3.X and is now fixed.
  • Task bubble placement issue on the WP FeedBack Graphics posts – Astra theme js conflict on frontend
    • Due to the bootstrap css conflict issue on the graphics page, the positioning on the new task bubble was not accurate. This is now fixed.
  • Multiple emails when adding comment to finished task
    • Multiple emails were fired when someone commented on the completed tasks and task automatically changes status to open task. This is fixed now so only 1 email will be triggered.
  • Cannot come out of the comment mode when clicking “X” (instead, it created a new comment)
    • There was a CSS issue on the frontend “x” (appears after we click “+” to add a new comment) which created a comment on the “x” instead of closing the comment mode. This is now fixed.
  • Comment box falling out of the popup
    • There was a CSS issue where comment text area was coming out of the popover in certain themes. This is now fixed.
  • Issues with the newly created “general tasks” from Orphaned tasks service
    • There was an issue when the “general tasks” created by the orphaned task service were not able to add comment or make any changes in the task from the frontend. This is now fixed.
  • Auto screenshot was not visible for “admin tasks”
    • Auto screenshot for the “admin task” were not visible on the task popover. This is now fixed.
  • CSS issues with the border around the auto screenshots on the “admin tasks
    • CSS was not proper for the auto screenshot on the “admin task” and was displaying a black border. This is now fixed.
  • Displaying previous tasks contents when trying to create a new “General Task” from the backend
    • While creating a new “general task” from the backend, the view of the last selected tasks “screenshot” was visible. This is now fixed.
  • Autofocus on the textarea as soon as new task is created
    • Autofocusing on the textarea as soon as new task is created or existing task is opened so that user can start typing the message instead of clicking on the textarea to start typing and so removing 1 click from the process of posting a new comment.
  • Text changes in the notice message on the frontend while posting a new task
    • Before => Please enter a comment before performing this action
      Latest => Please post your comment before performing this action

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