WP FeedBack PRO 1.5 – Compatibility updates, code restructure, and bug fixes 2

WP FeedBack PRO 1.5 – Compatibility updates, code restructure, and bug fixes

As we approach 10,000 installs for WP FeedBack PRO 😍 , we want WP FeedBack PRO to work on ANY WordPress setup, whether you have 1 plugin installed or 100.

We are also super excited to have celebrated our 1st birthday at WP FeedBack PRO and this 10,000 install milestone is a huge deal for us!


So, for ver 1.5, not only have we restructured our code to fix compatibility issues across the board, we’ve also been focused on fixing issues that arise with specific plugins, such as Breeze from Cloudways. 

With WordPress being open source, there are so many different tools out there. It’s inevitable that conflicts can occur and break.

As our solution was being introduced to more and more websites this past year, our support was working hard on making sure every single user has an optimal experience, regardless of their tech stack and choice of plugins or hosting provider.

With this update, we want to create a level of stability for the plugin that will ensure we can continue to build new features and functionality without causing new conflicts.


Before ver 1.5, there was a slight issue with our front-end wizard looping and new tasks not being displayed when Breeze was enabled on a WP website.

This was due to the scripts inside WP FeedBack PRO being cached and we were not able to communicate with the website that the wizard had been completed. This has been completely fixed by removing the caching if Breeze is installed, to make sure that our plugin can communicate with the website properly.

WP FeedBack PRO 1.5 – Compatibility updates, code restructure, and bug fixes 3
Fully automated detection of the Breeze caching tool to exclude required scripts from being cached. No action needed on your part 🀘

Not only that, but we have also completely restructured the way we use jQuery. As most themes and plugins use it, it’s very common for conflicts to occur. By using our own jQuery variable, replacing jQuery’s $ variable, now it is always unique on every website WP FeedBack PRO is installed on. 

This ensures that there will never be a conflict with existing jQuery on a website from WP FeedBack PRO.

Check out the full list of this update below.

New Features

  • Breeze Plugin Compatibility
    • Compatibility with the Cloudways’s caching plugin (Breeze).
  • jQuery Compatibility
    • We changed our structure of code so that now it will not conflict with the jQuery of other plugins and themes.
  • Bold Builder Compatibility
  • Greek Language Support
    • Added Greek Translations for the text and emails.
  • ACF | Advanced Custom Fields Compatibility
    • Compatibility with the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin.
      Issue: Were not able to use the plugin on the backend where Advanced Custom Fields was present.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with a white overlay on the screenshot
    • Issue: A white overlay was present on the screenshot if page had initial fade-in effects. Now Fixed.
  • Multisite network issue related to menu
    • Issue: An extra menu item was present on the admin side on Multisite networks. Now fixed.
  • Hebrew Language – Added Extra Strings
    • Added new Hebrew Translations strings
  • Image link not open when clicking on auto screenshot image on a new task.
    • A link to open the image was not present on the auto screenshots. Now fixed.

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