WPF at WordCamp US 2

WPF at WordCamp US

I’m writing these words on the flight over from London to Chicago, on my way to my first WordCamp US.

WPF at WordCamp US 3

This is also the first event WP FeedBack is sponsoring, but definitely not the last. Since launching WP FeedBack just a few months ago, I’ve been to 6 WordCamps.

Some were bigger, some were more intimate, as a speaker, panelist or an attendee. Each one gave me the privilege of meeting the community, making some close friends and promoting our solution across the ecosystem.

Taking a more active role in the community isn’t only fun socially. It has allowed me to meet our users, hear their stories, thoughts and opinions on what we can do to make our tool even better.

It also allowed me to connect with some of the biggest companies that are operating within the WordPress space.

WPF at WordCamp US 4
With Matt – The man behind WordPress 🤓

To create strategic partnerships, take inspiration and realize the potential of my own company and I think that most importantly, it allowed me to listen to founders that have already walked the path I’m paving for myself and my team, and learn from their successes and mistakes.

I’m looking forward to learning what’s about to happen over the next few days and I promise to write a wrap up post once I’m back (and after I sleep for a few days straight).

For now, check out my experience from WordCamp EU, the biggest camp ever! >> https://atarim.io/my-wordcamp-europe-2019-experience/