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Integrating Slack

In this article, we are going to outline how to connect your Slack Workspace to Atarim, and the different functions this enables you to perform.

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Email Signature

You can now add an email signature to emails that are sent from inside the Dashboard, giving you more customization and personalization.  The new signature

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To show how webhooks work, we will be using Zapier as an example of how to get them setup. If you have a specific request

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The Email Inbox

The Task Inbox is essentially an email inbox that is attached to your Dashboard. The intended use is to stop emails that your clients are

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Sorting Assets

Inside a few screens on your Dashboard, you have the option to sort websites and tasks to make it easier to find what you are

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Full Team Activity

Here you can see everything that has been done by all users on your Dashboard. This includes changing task status, urgency, creating general tasks, deleting

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