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Never before has it been this easy to collaborate internally & with clients in the most visually compelling way.

Is your digital agency ready to cut the delays and get straight to the tasks? With Atarim you have a whole suite of ground-breaking collaboration tools to improve workflow and increase profitability in a dramatic way.

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Instant Visual Collaboration on ANY Site, Including...

3 Months to 1 Month Avg. Project Completion

Hite Creative is a super fast growing agency that provide a full service to their clients including branding, website and marketing. They leverage Atarim to close deals with clients as their collaboration system and tripled their service delivery!

We Can Close Way More Sales Now

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Tatiana C.

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Collaborate Visually Internally & With Clients In Less Than 10 Seconds

Atarim’s quick-drop tool allows anyone to collaborate visually with anyone in under ten seconds!

Works with any website, web page, or online resource (not just your own projects & clients)

Full access to notes, stickers, visual tools, and diagnostic information

Instant, real-time sharing of ideas, tasks, support, and requests

Visual collaboration with clients without the admin headaches

Atarim includes a Guest Mode, which means clients don’t have to log in in order to see your annotations, stickers, and comments.

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Automated screenshots of client requests for visual communication

With Atarim it’s easy to see exactly what the client sees, because every request generates a screenshot of exactly what the client was looking at.

No more back-and-forth with emails, or guessing what the client meant, or was looking at.

All screenshots, annotations, and requests include debugging information automatically by default, including the exact screen size, resolution, and browser version.

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300% Time Improvement In Design Approval From Clients

Web Dev Studios literally wrote the book(s) on WordPress, they deal with massive client’s where multiple stakeholders are involved.

Atarim empowers WebDevStudios to consolidate their feedback and requests from their clients, allowing them to complete projects faster and move on to the next project swiftly!

It's A No-Brainer, Time = Money

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Christina W.

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Internal Tasks That Your Clients Can't See

Ideal for QA and just talking amongst the team without the client seeing or even being aware of the communications.

Whitelabel Atarim to provide a unique branded service to your clients

Keep your web agency’s name in your clients’ minds by adding your logo, brand colors, and unique links, ensuring a clean and consistent service that’s fast, responsive, accurate, and efficient.
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Get started with the ultimate visual collaboration tool today.

Simply copy and paste the URL of any web page into Atarim’s URL box, and be immediately able to add notes, annotations, and stickers that can be viewed and interacted with by anyone you share the link with, instantly.

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds:

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Advanced Collaboration With Deep WordPress Integration

Atarim’s real collaborative power comes with the WordPress plugin, which gives you a whole raft of tools and abilities to give productivity, collaboration, and efficiency a massive boost to your web agency.

Annotate websites visually in real-time with team members and clients

With Atarim’s WordPress plugin your digital agency can add labels, comments, and annotations anywhere on any web page (both front-end and back-end), making the communication and understanding of ideas, requests, and tasks a breeze.
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One-click Optimise Images for Web and Push to Media Folder

By default, no data or files are stored on your WordPress website, to keep the database nice and clean. When you get an image that you want to use, click the WP icon to minify the image for web and upload it directly to the media folder on the relevant website. Where it’s ready to rock!

One-click log in to any client website

with Atarim you and your team can securely log in to any of the websites you are managing, without the need for login details.

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One click to jump to the right page of the client’s website for any given task

Each visual collaboration record creates a task that includes a direct link back to the section of the page where the request was created. No more searching for the right URL or page section. Save your agency’s team members time and hundreds of clicks. 

Task Center Within The WordPress Website

While you have the Agency Dashboard to manage your workflow and all of the requests from your network of websites, your clients have their own Task Center built into their website where they can keep track of not only the pending tasks, but also all the awesome things you already did for them.

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Start Collaborating and
Managing Your Work Efficiently

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds:

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Trusted by Some of The Biggest Brands in the World

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My Clients LOVE IT

This has saved me so much time and confusion, my clients now simply send my requests and I have all of the information I need to get the work done.

Every single part is well thought out and I have changed all my processes to include this tool as it is worth it.

Now I’m setup to deal with all projects from start to finish and I can’t get rid of the 10 other tools I’ve been using. 

Sarah Crawford - A Lined Design

Start Collaborating On ANY Website in Seconds

Simply add a URL in the field and see the magic happen (Any URL)
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Save Weeks & Months on Every Single Project.

We’ve analyzed the time saved on more than 120,000 projects that have gone through our system. We found that the average saving is 2 hours per day, per team member(!)

This means more than 2 months per year per team member gained by implementing Atarim.

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