Time Tracking on Websites & Designs

Find out your hourly rate, create better time estimates, and never miss a single deadline! Atarim offers the most intuitive time-tracking for each of your tasks.

Track the time you spent on each task

Figure out how many hours you spend on each task and make better estimates with your future projects.

Stop undercharging your services

Find out your hourly rate and stop undercharging your services.

Make your team more productive

See how is your team performing, make the adjustments, and stay on track.

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Get On The Same Page As Your Team and Start Collaborating

Designed to simplify dealing with visual feedback – from one project to thousands.

Bound to a task

Each time tracking timer is bound to a task so you can see precisely how many hours each task took.

Time Estimations

Create time estimates before starting work to compare with once work is completed to keep an eye on quoted work / billable time and profitability based on how long work actually took your team.

Shared Timers

Allow multiple team members to log time on the same tasks, projects as they work together. 

Start Collaborating and Managing Your Work Efficiently

Track your time and stop undercharging your services. Make better estimates, never miss a deadline, and level up the client’s experience.

Manage time entries throughout the team

Find out how productive each of your team members is and offer help to your teammates that are struggling.

Export brandable time sheets to pdf

You’ll no longer have to manually create a PDF time sheet to share with your clients. Instead, you’ll get it automatically generated!

Push time entries to other tools

Are your clients using a different tool for time tracking? No problem, we offer a seamless integration with all popular time-tracking apps.

Questions & Answers.

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Should I be tracking time?

Definitely. Time tracking will help you see how long does each task take, so you can create better estimates, avoid overdue deadlines, and manage your resources more efficiently.

How to use the time tracking information?

You can use the time tracking information to know how much each task took, as well as how productive is each of your team members.

What about tracking time for billing/working with contractors?

We allow our users to use the time tracking feature for billing. You get an automatically created time sheet with billable hours you can export to PDF, send to your contractors, and pay them.

I run my own team, we don’t do billable client work – why would we track time?

It can be still beneficial to track time for creating better time estimates and comparing the time tracked to the time estimate.

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