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Agile Principles

TLDR: Agile principles are a set of guidelines that help teams work more efficiently and effectively.

If you work in web design or development, you’ve probably heard of agile principles. But what are they exactly? In a nutshell, agile principles are a set of guidelines that help teams work more efficiently and effectively.

There are 12 agile principles outlined in The Agile Manifesto in addition to the 4 agile values. These 12 principles for agile software development help establish the tenets of the agile mindset. They are not a set of rules for practicing agile, but a handful of principles to help instill agile thinking.

Some of the most important agile principles include things like:

  • Focusing on customer needs
  • Working in short cycles
  • Continuous improvement
  • And more!

The agile principle of “satisfying the customer”

The agile principle of “satisfying the customer” is one of the most important tenets of the agile mindset. This principle states that the goal of any agile team should be to satisfy the customer’s needs and expectations. In order to do this, teams must constantly communicate with the customer and make sure that they are meeting all of their requirements. This principle is essential for any team that wants to be successful in the agile world.

The agile principle of “delivering value”

The agile principle of “delivering value” is all about ensuring that the software development process is focused on delivering value to the customer. This means that the team must constantly be thinking about how they can add value to the product or service they are developing. This can be done by adding new features, improving existing features, or simply making the product more user-friendly.

The agile principle of “embracing change”

One of the key things that set agile apart from other software development approaches is its embrace of change. In traditional waterfall approaches, changes are typically discouraged because they can throw off the entire project schedule. But in agile, changes are not only allowed, they’re encouraged. This is because agile understands that the world is constantly changing and that projects need to be able to adapt to those changes in order to be successful. The agile principle of embracing change helps teams stay flexible and adaptable, two essential qualities in today’s ever-changing world.


As we can see, agile principles are very important in the software development process.

They help developers to create software that is more responsive to change and easier to maintain.

Atarim helps developers to create software that is more flexible and adaptable to change and it provides the perfect platform to create important agile principles from its core features.

Some of these features include transparency, customer focus, and continuous improvement.

Creating these principles will help your team work more efficiently and improve your product development process.

Beth Livingston

Beth Livingston

After a 25+ year history as an IT business analyst, instructional designer, and project manager, Beth left the corporate world to become a full-time WordPress coach and designer and now enjoys providing real-life project management skills training for WordPress practitioners (designers, developers, consultants, project managers, and agencies). Beth is the creator of The WP Project Manager’s Academy, administers the WordPress Project Management Facebook group and serves as an organizer for the North Carolina Triad WordPress Meetup Group.