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Last Updated On November 14, 2022

NOTE: Only available on the Atarim Expert & Agency Plans

Tracking time is vital for your agency, it boosts productivity and ensures you are getting paid the correct amount by your clients.

It also gives you a great overview of how much time things are taking, enabling you to make data led decisions in your agency.

In this article, we’ll give you run down on how to track time inside your Dashboard, and everything that comes with it.

Starting a Timer

To start tracking time, we need to head over to the Dashboard Inbox, or Boards.

Once you have found a task you would like to track time on, you can click the “Add Timer” button in the attributes of the task.

This will add this task to your “Active Timers” in the bottom left of the screen. This only becomes visible if you have one or more tasks added.

To add another task to the active timers, we can click on another task and hit the “Add Timer” button.

You can only have one timer running at any given time.

The Timer Widget

Inside the timer widget, we can see the title of the task (which is the first comment unless changed) and the timer counting upwards.

You can pause a timer by clicking on “Pause”, this will then enable any timer to be started.

You can minimize the widget by clicking on the icon in the top right.

This option will be saved after refreshing your page and if you leave and come back to your Dashboard.

Just in case this gets in the way of any work you’re trying to do.

You also have the option to click and drag the timer to a different location on the bottom of the screen.

Logging Time

Once you have finished the task and would like to log your time, you have two options.

You can click on log, which will make a pop-up appear for more information.

Inside this pop-up, you can see the website this task is on and the task title and the time spent on the task.

You can mark this task as “Billable” (more on that later), and you have a box where you can describe what you worked on.

This is super handy, as I don’t know about you, I cannot remember details of tasks I’ve done an hour ago, let alone a month ago!

You can also mark this task as complete if you want, notifying your client and everyone involved that it’s done!

The task will be marked as complete once you create the time entry.

Click on “Create A Time Entry” and boom, this time will be logged for this task.

Once time has been tracked, there will be an internal note added to this task to let everyone know how much was tracked and what was done.

All tracked time is added up too and shown in the task attributes.

Time Entries Page

To view all time entries across your Dashboard, go to your Time Entries page.

Here, you’ll see all time entries across your entire Dashboard, filtered by day. Here we can see the one we just did together.

We can see who tracked the time, the description of what was done when the timer was logged, the task, the site, start and end time, whether it’s billable or not, and how long it took.

Editing Time Entries

If something needs to be changed, you can click on the pencil icon to update this time entry.

We can change who tracked the time, the date, start and end time, the description, whether it’s billable or delete the time entry completely.

Filtering Time Entries

You can filter time entries based on a bunch of things, including website, the date, the user who tracked the time, whether it’s billable or not and specific projects.

You can select multiple filters at a time to be as specific as you’d like.

In the above example, we are looking at time entries on the website “Why Eye”, done today by Vito, and that are billable only.

One Click Export

You have the option to export time entries into a PDF by clicking the Export button in the top right, great for sending to your clients as a report.

This export includes all time entries that are currently on the page. Meaning that if you have no filters currently set on, it will export every time entry across your Dashboard.

Here is an example of a PDF export. The logo is white label enabled, meaning it will pull the settings from your Dashboard.

Getting Support From Us

And that’s it! Tracking time is vital for any Digital Agency to be successful. Atarim enables you to track your time accurately and provide one click reports to your clients to show what they are paying you for.

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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