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Creating Tasks On WordPress Websites

Last Updated On September 4, 2022

Creating tasks is the at the very core of Atarim.

It’s empowers you and your clients to collaborate visually, creates lists of requests for you and your team to work on and should remove all other forms of communication from your Agency.


On the front-end of a WordPress website where the plugin is installed, simply click on the “comment” button in the bottom right of the screen.

This will change your cursor, now when you hover over elements of the page, you’ll see an outline of the section you are selecting.

Click on a section of the page, and the sticker will appear with the pop-over open

Start typing the request and click “Add Comment”. This will then officially create this task.


You can also create tasks on the back-end of a WordPress website, this is great to teach your clients how to use their website.

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