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Last Updated On 2022-11-14

Folders are an awesome way to group your assets together. For example, if you are working on 10 different websites for one client, putting them all into a folder will make them even easier to manage.

In this article we’ll go through how to create a folder, add assets to it and assign your team to specific folders.

Creating A New Folder

First, you need to head to your websites screen on your Dashboard.

On the websites screen, there is a menu in the top right of the screen where you’ll find the option to create a folder.

Name the folder first, you could name it your client’s name, the entire project’s name for example.

Next you can assign users inside your Dashboard to this new folder, which will assign them to all assets inside this folder automatically.

NOTE: Click to assign a user, and click an assigned user (that is highlighted) to unassign them.

After you click next, you can pick assets to put inside this folder

NOTE: You can search for an asset by using the box in the top right of the pop-up

And that’s it! Click on create folder and you are good to go!

Now inside the websites screen, you’ll see which folder an asset sits in.

Filtering Folders

To filter the view on the websites screen, you can filter folders by clicking on the box on the top right of the screen.

By clicking, you’ll see a list of all folders. You can also type to search for a folder.

By clicking on a folder, it will show the assets inside it on your websites screen.

Folders In List View

To find out more about list view, you can go to another article here.

Inside list view, assets are categorized into lists.

This is a great way to get an overview of all assets inside a folder!

Assigning An Asset To A Folder

To assign an asset to a folder that already exists, you need to hover over the asset inside your websites screen and click on the settings icon.

Inside this pop-up, you can click on this box and choose a folder to assign this asset to.

Assigning A User To A Folder

If you didn’t assign a user to a folder during the creation process, you can individually assign users from their profile by clicking on “Assign Folders To User”.

To learn more about managing your users, you can check out this article here.

To assign a folder, you click unhighlighted ones, and to unassign, click highlighted!

Getting Support From Us

And that’s it! Creating folders enables you to nicely categorize assets on your Dashboard and assign the relevant team members to what they need to work on.

If you have any questions or need anything in general, you can always reach us on where we are always happy to help!

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