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Time Tracked by Users in Past 30 Days

Time Tracked by Users in Past 30 Days

Last Updated On 2022-08-25

Tracking your team’s work is always a tall task, micromanaging your team is also a huge waste of time. This KPI will stop you from needing to micromanage while also being in the loop on how much time each user is working.

From the example above, we can see that Vito has tracked 34 hours in the last month, he’s contracted to do 40 per month, so that’s awesome.

If we take a look at Hassan, we are paying him a salary, he should be working 40 hours a week but for some reason he has only tracked 23. This will lead us down the path of investigating what’s happening. Maybe he’s doing the work but not tracking all time, or he might not be doing his full 8 hours every day.

This gives you the first step to investigate what’s happening, and have a chat with your team member to ensure everything is cool.

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